10 Medicinal Plants and Herbs to Keep in Your Home


Plants are created by God not only to adorn the earth and nature with beautiful things but also to provide the humankind with natural, organic, and free remedy for various kinds of ailments. According to Little Flower Hut Florist, plants have been used for medicinal purposes. Certain plants are efficient for the treatment of headaches and pain, and there are specific medicinal plants used for skin wounds and problems. Moreover, a lot of ailments and physical or health issues have been remedied using medicinal plants. If you are wondering what health benefits plants can bring, here are ten types of medicinal plants and herbs to keep at home and how they can be useful for medicinal purposes:

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne Pepper is a common spice added to meal or drink. More than that, this plant is also highly favoured for its medicinal benefits to the body and health. It includes Capsaicin, which is the main reason why Cayenne Pepper is spicy. This key ingredient helps lower down cholesterol and reduce pain. Other health benefits of Cayenne Pepper include detoxification of the body, improvement of metabolism, and relief of pain.

Cayenne Pepper


Echinacea is generally known as Purple Coneflower and is famous for its medicinal purposes and health benefits. The flowers are used as a tea for the treatment of various ailments and to boost the immune system. The tea of Echinacea can help in common colds and relief from respiratory problems, as well as in preventing urinary tract infection. The roots, flowers, and even leaves of Echinacea are used to create the teas.



A common type of herb used to garnish pasta, salads, and meals; Basil is an efficient medicinal herb that offers a whole lot of health benefits. This herb contains vitamins and minerals that also help keep the body healthy and in good shape. One specific type of Basil is Tulsi or Holy Basil, which originates from India. This type of Basil is used to make ointments and other natural and organic remedy. The strong antibacterial properties of Basil make it a staple medicinal herb for the native people.


Chamomile contains antioxidants which help in providing relief for a variety of illnesses and ailments. The flowers of Chamomile are brewed to create teas. A cup of this tea helps the body relaxes soundly at night to encourage healing, recovery from illnesses, relief from congestion, and improvement of skin health. In the past Chamomile flowers were dried and brewed for tea. After thorough research and studies, the flowers are extracted to get essential oils that can be used topically for relief of skin problems.



Another herb that helps fight infections, Garlic offers a lot of health benefits. Eating raw or uncooked Garlic is beneficial to the body as it helps prevent high blood pressure, heart attack, heart disease, dementia, degenerative diseases, and digestive problems. Garlic is known as ingredients for meals, spices for food, and garnish for dishes, aside from being one of the best medicinal herbs.



Parsley is a good herb that provides effective treatment for halitosis, bone disease, and digestive problems. It includes a high quantity of antioxidants and vitamin K that help the body fight various infections and immunity problems. Parsley is most generally utilised as a garnish for pasta and dishes and as juice and teas. But it also offers different health benefits and medicinal uses for the body.



Rosemary is a medicinal herb that contains vitamins and minerals. This herb is used to improve memory as well as hair growth. It also helps the body improves its blood circulation and liver health. Rosemary is also used to reduce inflammation and treat bad breath. It is commonly brewed as dried leaves to create a tea or to sprinkle as a garnish for different dishes. Rosemary has been widely used as an essential oil, too, that can be applied topically for skincare and for relaxation.

St. John’s Wort

Flowers of St. John’s Wort are freshly brewed for tea to provide relief from depression and other behavioural problems such as mood swings, anxiety, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. The essential oil from this medicinal plant is also used as a topical ointment for the relief of skin irritation and other skin problems. Also, this plant is also used to make a pill for the treatment of anxiety. However, it is best to discuss the doctor before applying the product, especially if other medications are applied.


Motherwort is a versatile medicinal herb used to treat aches, pains, muscle sprains, menstrual cramps, and headaches. It is also an effective remedy for women suffering from menopausal symptoms. Those women who gave birth also benefit from the medicinal effects of Motherwort. This plant offers many medicinal purposes and benefits, which is why it is a favourite plant to grow at home. Although this plant is short-lived, it can be easily transplanted to a pot for indoor growing.


Thyme is another popular medicinal herb that has been used for the treatment of various health problems. It contains Thymol, a compound that has strong antibacterial and antifungal properties. It helps prevent infections and increase the immune system.


Thyme is an effective herbal medicine that can treat sore throats and coughs, as well as respiratory problems. It can be brewed for teas or sprinkled as a garnish for dishes. Thyme is also used to create a cream that relieves skin problems.


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