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Today we are a trying to get some important information about some best things to do in Savannah GA with kids. The city of Savannah, Georgia, is the perfect place to celebrate July 4th. The beautiful historic city sits directly on the Savannah River and has the largest historic district in the country.

Wear your walking shoes more comfortably. Stroll through the splendid historic center with its splendid architecture and its numerous squares. Savannah has 22 green spaces in the city center. Spanish oakmoss is abundant, and the city is known for its magnificent gardens.

As you walk down Savannah Street, you can often peer through the steel gates into the beautiful private garden. There are also more than 1,600 major historical and architectural structures that cover an area of ​​2.5 square miles. Let’s start talk about some things to do in Savannah GA with kids.

Things to do in Savannah GA with kids

The Fantastic Fourth – Riverstreet

In one of the best things to do in Savannah GA with kids is celebrate the Independence Day in Savannah. Independence Day is celebrated with fireworks on River Street in the old city. Fireworks start on the Savannah River.

The fireworks begin at 9:20 pm. The city of Savannah and Chatham County host a spectacular fourth fireworks display and celebrations.

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Special Concert

One of the most popular activities on July 4th in Savannah is visiting this special concert: The Savannah Swings.

Jeremy Davis and the incredible Equinox Jazz Orchestra present the fifth annual Savannah Swings benefit concert at the historic Savannah Theater. All net proceeds will go towards supporting United Service Organizations (USO).

The show includes four great singers and a wonderful 20-track orchestra. Savannah Swings offers a variety of patriotic and standard swing music in the All-American Rat-Pack style.

The audience was delighted with the incredible performances by Clay Johnson, Trae Gurley, and Adam Jones, and Huxie Scott generally received a standing ovation for her sentimental song. One of the most popular figures is the “Salvation of the Armed Forces,” which honors all veterans and military personnel.

As this is a July 4th performance, the show ends with everyone attending a New Orleans parade on River Street. Lucky ticket holders also have a VIP seat on River Street for fireworks in the city of Savannah.

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Tybee Island

I have placed it in position three in my list of Best things to do in Savannah GA with kids. If you wish, you can go to Savannah Beach, Tybee Island, on Saturday, July 3rd, 2010, to buy fireworks. This may be a good start to your July 4th weekend. Pack a picnic and spend the night under the stars. You can enjoy seeing the fireworks from almost anywhere on the island. Fireworks are launched from the Tybee Island pier.

Dive Into History in Savanah

Visiting Savannah would not be complete without exploring the city of Juliette Gordon Low, the creator of the American boy. In this unique museum, visitors can discover Low’s life and the movement he founded.

The savanna has become a hot spot for shoppers! From chic clothing to Savannah products, you’ll find the perfect Savannah souvenir to go. One of our favorites is Satchel, a leather and leather boutique owned by SCAD graduates.

Stroll Through the Park

Forsyth Park is perfect for relaxing on the grass or throwing a frisbee. Forsyth Park dates from 1840 and occupies 30 acres in the historic center. The iconic water feature of the city center is a landmark in itself, but the aromatic gardens, hiking trails, and signature cafes make it a relaxing spot on your itinerary.

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Get Artistic

The Savannah Telfair Museum is the oldest public art museum in the Southeast. The museum is made up of 2 buildings from the national historical monument around 1820, the Telfair Academy and the Owens-Thomas house. It also includes the modern Jepson Center, which offers unique exhibitions, tours, and collections throughout the year.

Hop on a Tour

Get on the board a trolley to get a whole new idea of ​​Savannah! Old Town Trolley Tours and Old Savannah Tours are daily trolley trips to learn about Savannah’s attractions and history when travelling with a large group. Thanks to the Gray Line Savannah app, you can meet this person’s transportation, car, minibus, bus, or Mercedes Sprinter-18 needs.

Stroll Along the Savannah River

You can’t go to Savannah without admiring the river on River Street. Old cobbled streets lead to newspaper buildings, houses, shops, and restaurants. This scenic walk is mandatory.

Take a Coffee Break

Do you need an afternoon to pick me up? Get a cup of Savannah coffee! Visit Coffee Fox, Foxy Loxy or Blends for a nice cup of coffee in your spare time. Create local patterns and examples of good coffee brands at the Espresso Gallery. The building was built in 1859 and was rented with old chimneys and a view of the famous Chippewa square.

The ghost car fascinates you with ghost stories, history, and fun ghost town views. Use a unique opportunity for paranormal scholars and staff interested in past stories to create fun interaction with a true Savannah story.

Savannah GA is known as one of the most transformed paranormal spots in the world for its rich and bloody Civil War history. These experiences run through the city and inform clients of a unique insight into the haunting and festive parts of this southern city. From cemetery stories to unspecified sightings, there is something about Savannah’s enthusiasm.

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Savannah Narrated Trolley Tour

In this recital on the Savannah Troop Agreements, you appreciate and appreciate the resentment and departure of the Savannah Agreement as the 90-year-old wants to speak to all the beautiful attractions in the region.

Sit back and admire the preserved houses of the south and the Spanish mosques as a guide that explains the history, culture and history of Georgia’s first city. Explore the history, myths, and traditions that have made Savannah a unique place known as one of the most romantic and disturbing towns in the United States.

Ghost Tram Tour with Pirate House Tour and Dinner

The ghost comic will surprise you with ghost stories, its history and a fun ghost-style view of the city. It offers a unique way for aspiring paranormal investigators and guests interested in past stories to enjoy a fun story adventure in the real savanna.

Savannah GA is known as one of the world’s most haunted paranormal locations because it has a rich and bloody history of civil war. These experiences surround the city and offer visitors a unique insight into the haunting and historical parts of this southern city.

From cemetery stories to uncovered exhibits, there is certainly something about Savannah’s haunted history. I hope you have enjoyed to read our research on out topic best things to do in Savannah GA with kids.

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