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Chicago may be popular with its Magnificent Mile shopping, but there is also a wide range of fun things to do in Chicago with Kids and families. At the top of the list for fun is the famous Chicago Museum of Science and Industry (57th Street and Lake Shore Drive). It is not a typical museum visit. It is always interactive and fun.

Where could a child aboard a WWII submarine, dive into a working coal mine, or work with robots in a toy factory? The biggest science museum in the Western Hemisphere houses more than 35,000 exhibits and more than 14 acres of hands-on exhibits designed to stimulate scientific research and creativity (not to mention fun).

What child does not like a dinosaur? The Field Museum (also known as the Natural History Museum) has one of the most famous dinosaurs, Sue, the biggest, most complete and best-preserved petrified bone in the Trex fossil ever discovered. In addition to a dinosaur room with a more exciting dinosaur object.

Children can also wander the ancient mummies and discover what Egyptian life was like 5000 years ago, explore the earth under their feet, and learn to live the life of an adventurous insect by landing or observing animals more closely. Favourite. So here we have a list. What kind of things to do in Chicago with Kids? I classify certain places in my interest, but you can do what you want.

Things To Do In Chicago With Kids

Shedd Aquarium

I have placed the Shedd Aquarium on the position top in the list of “ What kind of things to do in Chicago with Kids. You don’t want to miss the Shedd Aquarium if you’re looking for great things to do in Chicago with kids. It is one of the largest indoor aquariums in the world and offers fun for children and adults.

Children can see more than 22,000 beautiful creatures, including sea otters, sharks, dolphins, and rays. Be sure to visit the Oceanarium, which is home to marine mammals, and kids can also enjoy the growing Amazon – see the exhibition on the river, which includes animals found throughout and in the Amazon, including lightning strikes.

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Field Museum

Field Museum got the position three in the list of things to do in Chicago with Kids for the visitors. The Field Museum is another excellent place to take kids to Chicago. The museum offers numerous trips and permanent exhibitions for children. Permanent exhibits include fossils, rocks, animals, and plants. Many anthropological objects are also included in the museum. Children can have fun with the new permanent exhibition “Planet on the Evolution”.

Sears/Willis Tower

Extra of the best things to do in Chicago with children is to visit Sears Tower. Now it is known as the Willis Tower Children love to see the magnificent landscapes of the city from the 103 best cities in history. Although the building is 110 stories, the highest observation deck for visitors is on the 103rd floor. Telescopes can be used to entertain children.

City Beaches

Families here during the summer months definitely want to take the kids to one of Chicago’s beaches. The beaches are located on the shores of Lake Michigan and are a popular place during the summer months. One of the best beaches to visit is North Street Beach, although there are other great kid-friendly beaches. A visit to the beach is a great way to cool off, and kids love to build sandcastles and splash around in Lake Michigan.

Lincoln Park Zoo

Another great activity in Chicago with children is visiting the Lincoln Park Zoo, located in Lincoln Park and is one of the best urban zooms in the United States. There are no tickets to pay, and the zoo is great for such a small zoo. The two must-see areas are the Farm-in-the-Zoo area and the Pritzker Family Zoo with pets.

Lincoln Park Zoo is one of the very beautiful zoos in the world and is reasonably priced. Lincoln Park Zoo has several restaurants: Big Cats Café, Café Brauer and Landmark Café. Dive (roughly) into the Shedd Aquarium (1200 S Lake Shore Dr.), the world’s largest indoor aquarium.

Enjoy a 360-degree journey from an underwater community, watch dolphins and belugas, see more than twenty sharks in a 400,000-gallon habitat, or take a unique trip to Amazo in a flooded forest or 8,600 square meters. It is home to 250 species, including a giant snake, poisonous ants, and 73 species of catfish.

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Millennium Park

The entire family will have a visit to Millennium Park.  The park is located in the city of Chicago and measures 24.5 acres. Throughout the park, visitors can admire the works of various designers, artists and architects. The Lurie Garden offers beautiful perennials that you can enjoy in the spring and summer. The interactive spring crown is also remarkable. Winter guests can also take account of the park’s skating rink. You can also visit Grant Park in Chicago, which is also a great place for children.

The Navy Pier

Of course, their trip to Chicago is not complete without taking the kids to Navy Pier. This pier spanned 3,000 feet and was built during the First World War. Kids love the atmosphere and atmosphere of the Navy Pier Carnival, and there is always something to do in the area.

Here children can have fun in various fun games, such as the 15-story tall Ferris wheel. There is an IMAX 3-D theatre and the famous Chicago Children’s Museum, which is worth a visit for children. The Navy Pier comes in the end of my list of things to do in Chicago with Kids.

For a kid-friendly tour of Windy City, try the Chicago Trolley Tour (multiple locations). Here, you can visit the city’s highlights with a Chicago or Chicago double-decker streetcar and hop on or head to a scheduled stop for dinner, shopping, and sightseeing. Explore the city from the water with the Wacky Pirate Cruise (400 N Michigan Ave), an hour of maritime joy with boxing and adventure stories. Seadog Speedboat Cruises (Navy Pier) offers a 30-minute speedboat tour and a 75-minute architectural trip on the river and lake.

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