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Are you planning a vacation on the Gulf Coast? So there are some essential facts and things to do in Gulf Shores Alabama. For those on the American continent, the same old vacation spots are sometimes a little bit older. It is difficult to book the same vacations several times and take advantage of the time that awaits them.

It seems that everywhere you see everything, and that’s it. Perhaps you have never been to Gulf Shores, Alabama. Here I have to list some things to do in Gulf Shores Alabama.

Things to do in Gulf Shores Alabama

Gulf State Park

Gulf State Park is two miles of dusty sand, with the most common fishing pier in the Gulf of Mexico protruding from the blue waters. Whether you want to sunbathe, swim in the sea, or take a boat trip to view dolphins, you can make it all in this park.

There are also outdoor activities away from the beach. You can kayak in unfamiliar waters, explore the picturesque forests, or hike the trails. If you want to admire the magnificent sunsets along the gulf, there are many restaurants and bars with ocean views where you can enjoy a bucket of prawns and a glass of wine under a starry sky.

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Orange Beach

Magnificent Orange Beach is located on the southern Alabama coast, near the border with the state of Florida. The amazing beaches in the world and this beach attracts visitors from all over the world.

On the waterfront, there are hotel chains, water restaurants, and amazing clubs where you can sip cocktails and watch the sunset.

There is also plenty to do nearby. Whether you want to venture into the Gulf of Mexico to watch dolphins play, play golf with friends, or just relax in the sun on the soft white sand, you can. 

Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo

A few blocks from the beach, the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo houses around 300 animals. The zoo started in 1989 as a private project and now houses monkeys, lions, bears, birds, and more. Between 2004 and 2005, the zoo grew the center of media attention after escaping its animals after three major storms.

To raise awareness after the flood, the zoo appeared in an Animal Planet television series called “The Little Zoo It Can.” The zoo has rebuilt new animal shelters and zoo areas. If you are visiting today, you can conduct daily educational interviews and visit various themed locations.

The Wharf

Wharf is fourth on the list of things to do in Gulf Shores Alabama. If you are looking for a hobby, visit The Wharf. With a state-of-the-art marina that offers fishing and sailing, shopping, dining, and entertainment, you have plenty of options.

For kids, there is a Sound and Light Spectacular, one of the most massive Ferris wheels in the extreme south, a mini-golf course, a game room, and even a zip line. Some of the country’s most famous bands also perform at The Wharf Amphitheater. Before arriving, find out about upcoming events.

Gulf Shores Kayaking

There are more relaxing, kayaking activities. By diving into open water, you can reconnect with nature and get closer to wildlife. Whether you want to venture alone or with friends at sea or on the shores of the Gulf Coast, there are many options nearby.

You can go fishing and try cooking the catch of the day, sliding under the canopy of Spanish moss with swamps or dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico. 

The Park at OWA

I have placed it at number six at my list of things to do in Gulf Shores Alabama. OWA Park in Foley is a fun day for the whole family. The park takes its name from the Muskogee word “OWA,” which means “good water,” which derives its name from the lakes and bodies of water scattered throughout the city.

There are several sections for the park. Downtown OWA is inspired by Alabama city streets, with vintage lights, decorated balconies, and many famous shops and restaurants.

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It is the perfect place to buy a special gift or souvenir or to eat something. If you are going with children, you can also go to the parking lot. This 520-acre part of the entertainment center offers 21 exciting walking and hiking themes for all ages. If you want to stay after dark, there are shows and magnificent fountains to dance to music.

Hugh S. Branyon Backcountry Trail

Hugh S. Branyon’s rural trail runs through 15 miles of different ecosystems and stimulates your imagination at every corner. The route crosses Gulf Shores, Gulf State Park, and Orange Beach and is named after Hugh Branyon, superintendent in charge of Gulf State Park for nearly 40 years.

As many see it, the coastal marshes and freshwater ponds are home to abundant wildlife. You may have a chance to see a crocodile read in the sun or watch the deer disappear from the trees. Whether you want to travel on foot, bike, kayak, or canoe, this is a fascinating piece of Alabama that you don’t want to miss.

Gulf Shores Museum

The Gulf Shores Museum offers a selection of permanent and temporary exhibits that showcase life through the centuries in and around Gulf Shores. Meet the families who lived as a fishing village on the small lagoon shoreline in the 19th century, learn how the area was defended during World War II, and admire how communities rebuilt local areas after recent storms.

There are many in the museum, so you can go to the peaceful butterfly to discover the different species and floral decorations. Gulf Coast Alabama is the fishing capital of the northern Gulf Coast. With all the amazing hot water around Alabama golf courses, it’s hard to imagine that fishing here wouldn’t be great.

With tons of charters and charter services, you can easily fish on the beach and have fun. Many charter services offer fun to dive and fish together. I hope you will love to do these best things to do in Gulf Shores Alabama.

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