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Are you married and looking for the best vacation spots in the US for couples? It’s nice to be outside once in a while to have fun and have fun. But it is also exciting to enjoy an exclusive vacation with your partner. Are you not only two years old? Romantic? There are many ways to enjoy your private moments with a loved one during your summer vacation. I have set a list of the best vacation spots in the US for couples, which is really good to make your mind to visit these beautiful places.

Best Vacation Spots in the US for Couples

Santa Monica, California

Prepare yourself for an intimate evening, spread the rose petals, and admire the spectacular sunsets in the incredible marine oasis, the Georgian Hotel in Santa Monica. You can enjoy tea in the heart of the beautiful Southern California sun, the sound of the Pacific, and the views while having tea on the terrace.

Customers will appreciate the newly identified tradition with a wide selection of teas as well as a classic highball cocktail, sparkling champagne, delicious specialties, delicious cupcakes, and caviar sandwiches. Just moments from the beautiful Third Street Promenade, couples can enjoy a day of shopping, a romantic dinner on the beach, or an adventure on the Santa Monica Pier.

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The Black Hills of South Dakota

Love Couples can fly to the Black Hills of South Dakota for a dreamy and romantic trip to America. As you play your song with the windows open, take advantage of the outdoor spaces through majestic mountain sculptures and the grass and grass towers that reflect the sky.

Essential experiences with your included N / A: Enjoy Thomas Jefferson’s original ice cream recipe as you gaze at the 60-foot wall of Mount Rushmore. Explore the legendary gold rush of History Rush, which includes attractions such as concerts, rodeos, parades, and filming in the Old West. And admire the stunning nature of Badlands National Park, where visitors have access to telescopes and park-like trails that can indicate stars, constellations, and planets.

Asbury Park, New Jersey

Asbury Park, New Jerseygot the position three in my list of best vacation spots in the US for couples. As a result, Asbury Park has become the cultural center of the Jersey Shore, with a legendary live music scene welcoming you to Bruce Springsteen, a pop-up restaurant And lively surf culture. Couples can visit at the Asbury Hotel, whose purpose is a combination of Victorian history and the presence of rock and roll.

You can discover your film partner Baronet on the roof to feel comfortable. Rooftop cocktail lounge for drinks last night and views of the Atlantic; The massive walled sound booth filled with vintage vinyl and stripes from L.P. Bowling Alley at Asbury Lanes, the legendary 60 bowling alley; and the pool, a romantic paradise for guests with a fireplace and rocking chairs.

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Sedona, Arizona

The Enchanting Resort is located on the picturesque red rock of Boynton Canyon in Sedona and is a destination for couples. In addition to great restaurants, cozy bonfires, and romantic activities like star tours and aura-soma readings at the Mii Amo Spa, the Enchantment Resort with its “Romance Suite” package offers the best getaway for couples. Couples can enjoy the luxury of their Casita Junior Suite with a fireplace and terrace, full breakfast every morning and dinner for two in a restaurant or restaurant, and romantic service on arrival.

Newport, Rhode Island

Live a romance with your partner in Newport, Rhode Island, where the couples of this historical city can be loved. With charming accommodation, lush restaurants, breathtaking walks, and magnificent sunsets, Newport is the ideal destination for those seeking a culture of romance. Chanler on the Cliff Walk offers ocean view rooms and fireplaces for the best welcoming experience. Hop on over to Eleanor Sloop for a private day trip and relax with your honey at appetizers served by Sweet Berry Farm.

Cambria, California

It will be not fair if I will not add Cambria, California in the best vacation spots in the US for couples. Higher up the coast, couples can escape from the central coast to Oceanpoint Ranch, located on the majestic coast of Moonstone Beach. Guests can host their picnic with a picnic basket, blanket, generous bottle of wine, deli meats, and more for a romantic evening on the fertile hill of Cambria or enjoy a modern American chef at La Cantina, the hotel’s restaurant. Property.

Local entertainment includes a visit to the famous Hearst Castle or a wine tasting at the many wineries in the Paso Robles wine region. Where the sea meets the emerald green of the landscape, guests can dip their toes in the soft sand of San Simeon, listening to the sound of the waves on the shore and watching the elephant seals as they prepare to pass the time in the world.

Sea Island, Georgia

Head south for a relaxing vacation at Sea Island, a five-star resort in Forbes on the Georgia coast, where couples have private picnics, wine tastings, beach walks, rose petal baths, kayaking at sunrise, and some worthy. Similar to a traditional English mansion, the elegant property offers beautiful views of the sea and a golf course, as well as a 7-week private butler service throughout the day.

Couples can book and receive the Romance package: luxury accommodation; Free upgrade from the suite on arrival, if available; a bottle of sparkling wine arrives; daily room service; $ 200 lunch credit for the Sea Island location; a massage for two in the Sea Island Spa Shared Suite; and also a blanket of rose petals.

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Big Sur, California

Big Sur is one of California’s unique gems, offering stunning ocean views, beautiful state parks and beaches, and a perfect level of seclusion for a romantic getaway. Couples can see the legendary Bixby Creek Bridge, take a 17-mile hike with panoramic views, or hike up to McWay Falls to see an eight-foot height. Glen Oaks, ranked among the world’s most romantic hotels, is one of the best places for couples in Big Sur. Another romantic destination is the Post Ranch Inn, which overlooks a cliff overlooking the ocean.

That’s why I place Big Sur, California on number eight in the list of best vacation spots in the US for couples.

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