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If you are thinking of a house for you and your family, you may be wondering how much the average cost to build a 1500 SQ FT house. You may also ask yourself, how long does it take to build a house? What type of loan do I need to build a house? Many variables can affect the responses to these issues. The following overview includes contains many ideas that we think may be helpful to you.

Building a house today is a decision that involves high costs, financial and construction problems, delays in delivery and quality, safety, delays in building permits, etc. Building a home is an investment decision that needs to be carefully weighed as most families have made homes once in a lifetime.

In most cases, you cannot undo the final decision. Here are some standard guidelines that can ease the owner to estimate the cost of building a home, as small items that can add value to the house are generally ignored.

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“How much average cost to build a 1500 sq. ft. house?” It is the question asked by most home designers across the country. Our answer is always the same: “it depends.”

Many determinants influence the cost of building a home. It is difficult to accurately identify it until the actual registration process with its manufacturer is complete. Some factors can only be determined when the existing building is being constructed.

These averages are worth considering, but they may not accurately reflect the cost of building a home you are considering. The details of your situation can vary significantly from the average, so the actual value of your home is well below or above average.

What factors affect the overall cost of building your new home? Several variables add to the final price of building a new house. This checklist will help you get some of the most critical factors. 

How do I Estimate the Average Cost to Build a 1500 Square Feet House?

It is possible to estimate the cost. The United States Census Bureau offers an average price per square foot of new construction nationally and geographically. These are not exact numbers and can range around $ 20 or more per square foot.

Therefore, you should leave space for changes to the budget. Factors that affect costs include where you live, the time of year, the quality of the materials you choose, and more, to name a few.

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Geographical differences can be significant. Houses in the Northeast are usually more expensive than homes in the South. Why? Material costs are higher, and construction times are generally shorter. The average contract price per square foot published by the United States Census Bureau shows a difference of more than $ 30 per square foot between the Northeast and the South.

Now determine if you are building near a metropolitan area or in a less populated rural area of ​​your state. We have found that prices vary between cities up to $ 20 per square hour and hour.

Then there is your builder. Let’s face it, and a contractor is offering a service. The type of service you want affects the total cost. If you’re looking for a contractor to take care of your home’s every detail, it will cost you more than finding a contractor who works to improve your house quickly. Some manufacturers increase their prices in times of high demand. If construction work in your region is seasonal, you should start your home “off-season” to take advantage of a contractor’s downtime and plan to cut prices.

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Many can also bring many hidden surprises. You don’t know what’s under your feet until you start digging. If you move an entire basement, you may not see a staircase several meters deep. Now you need to add the cost of the sandblasting.

Well, it can also involve unpredictable costs. Contractors cannot be sure that they will keep the water at a certain depth. Even if the property next to you hits the water within 30 meters, that doesn’t mean you can. Suddenly, you may be spending more than initially expected.

Now we will see the costs that you can control. What type of cooking and air conditioning system do you use at home? Many social networks are more expensive beforehand, although they are worth considering due to their long-term savings and environmental impact. 

Custom Furniture, Granite Surfaces, Unique Lighting, and Unique Wood Floors – Every decision you make affects the cost of your home. Smart consumers spend on items that cannot be easily upgraded after home completion, e.g., B. for a geothermal heating system. Therefore, they choose faucets, accessories, and other everyday objects that you can easily update in the future.

Enhancements and Improvements


Some builders include basic landscaping ideas such as grass and shrubs as part of the construction cost. You can buy updates later. Others ignore it. In general, you should hire a gardener for some of the projects. The average cost for a 1500 sq ft house is $ 13,200 to decorate the entire construction site.


When creating a plan, you may want to install a group at the same time. The average in-ground pool costs $ 50,000.

Porches and Decks

Decks and decks are frequent additions to new homes. Many builders consider estimating one-half or three-quarters of their cost per square foot for the rest of the property. In general, however, it is possible to determine the price at $ 21,440 for a porch and $ 17,200 at $ 19,000 for a patio.


Garages are also standard additions that builders also consider for half or three-quarters of the per square foot cost. A reasonable estimate to build a two-car garage on your new home is around $ 35,000.

Basketball and Tennis Courts

Some properties include recreation areas as part of the landscape. Basketball and sports courts are two popular supplements that you can build at home. On average, they cost $ 30,000 for a basketball court and $ 65,000 for a tennis court.

The Building Cost Per Square Feet is Determined in Stages

The average cost to build a 1500 sq ft house has determined the stages. There There are two ways to obtain a price per square meter. They should all be valuable and helpful, but there will be no end. Simply because of the estimated cost per square foot, you have to go through several stages.

You must know that each project is different, and each market rate will be different. Therefore, you should work with local professionals to determine the cost of building a home near you. You need:

  • A relatively detailed set of home plans.
  • The first list of construction materials.
  • Trusted entrepreneurs who mention various aspects of the project, or
  • A general contractor who quotes the entire project according to the house plans and parts list.

This offer is not 100% correct. Additionally, a list of general contractors offers integrated benefits. And always request the variables for each offer you receive.

House Building Costs Can Grow

After all, construction is a natural process with many twists. Surprises happen what you prepare. While that doesn’t mean you can skip the schedule, it does mean that you need to be careful and get professional help.

Remember to be generous in your estimates average cost to build a 1500 sq ft house first and never cut things too thin.

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