Average height for women


The average height for women varies from all around the world. Sometimes, it varies from country to country, city to city, and sometimes continents to continents. The survey conducted by NHANES from 2011 to 2014. Only in the United States height for women are 5 feet and 4 inches 163 centimeters.

Worldwide statistics

A large number of surveys collected from unofficial sources clearly shows results. We don’t know the criteria to calculate and calculated with different methods. Therefore, we are not sure about the authenticity. Average height derived from these sources is 5 feet and 4 inches according to the 2015 calendar year.

However, most affected results by Asian countries. Which is round about 5 feet or less in these countries. More critical a little change in India and China. Moreover, it has observed in the past two years this height is increasing in China at about 3.2 centimeters. The next years this will create almost 1.5 inches impact on average height for women in the world.

As far as, the United States average height concern, height is increasing slightly. But the weight is growing quickly. From a long time, the United States women’s height is increased from 5’ 3” to 5’ 4”.

What is considered average height for a woman?

It has observed that the ideal height for women should be 5’-6”. Because men in the United Kingdom wished their partner should not be more than 6 and less than 5’-3” for a good romantic life. However, the average height for women in the United Kingdom is also 5’-3.4” from authentic research. According to the 2016 calendar year, the ideal height for women is 5’-6”.

Moreover, the result from the United States is also not different. Therefore, the ideal height for women in the United States should be 5’-5” almost 64.8 inches.  One more thing must keep in mind that the height for women is 5 feet and 3 inches. Which is less than the ideal height for women. However, this height is in the range of perfect height. Which is 5 feet 3 inches to 5 feet 7 inches.

Average height for women

Factors of average height for women

1- Genetics

If you have noticed that the average height for women is different in different geographical regions. There could be many possible reasons for this fact. Average height in America is different as compared to the average female height in the UK. Resultantly, the average height for women in the world is different. The most important factor that influences height is genetics. The height difference depends on about 70% to 80% on genetics. If any parent (mother or father) has an elevation below the average. There is a stronger chance that the child will also have below the average height.

Moreover, many genetic issues or diseases influence the height of a person (both male and female). For example, Turner Syndrome is a disorder. Which causes a decline in height of women.

2- Geographical Location

Geographical location also plays a significant role in height for women and men. It is a bare truth. People in different geographic regions have different heights. This variation is because different countries have different weather conditions, different quality of food, water quality, hygiene, and health conditions. That is a reason that women living in the farmland are taller and stronger as compared to that of women living in downtown areas. Because the climate, food, water and living style of the village is good as compared to cities.

3- Family Circumstances

Family factors also cause of difference of height in different people. Mostly, it observed that the women whose childhood was calm had the right height. Negative and bad behavior of parents and society tends to cease the growth of girls and boys. Researches have shown that the supporting and positive home environment is vital for the proper growth of girls.

4- Hormones

Human Somatotropin Hormone (HSH) helps to see a person’s height and other related factors. No matter wherever a person’s life. Their height is overcome if they lack this endocrine.

The research reported in the International Journal of pediatric medical specialty suggests. HGH supplements can facilitate to normalize height in children with unexplained short stature.

5- Sleep and Nutrition

Good sleep and nutrition are highly crucial for the proper growth of the body. Researches have proved that those men who take sufficient food and sleep are more likely to be tall and strong.

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Final Words

Now we have studied the variation of the height in four different countries. From these China and India are neighbors. But they also have a difference in heights for women. Overall, according to informal surveys. The average height for women in the world is unofficial. Because every country in the world gathers stats according to its plan and when we combine. We get an unofficial height for women around the world.

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