Best Dentists in Tulsa Oklahoma


Do you have dental problems? Are you in Tulsa, Oklahoma? How do you choose the best dentists in Tulsa Oklahoma? Avoidance is considered the best treatment for all dental problems. The prevention and maintenance program includes numerous annual controls that allow professional cleaning and an evaluation of the condition of the teeth and gums.

It is essential to choose the right dental service provider. New methods are introduced daily to improve dental hygiene and general dental health. This has occurred in need of a more specialized dentist who can perform all these procedures effectively. If you are looking for a dentist first, you must choose the perfect dentist.

It’s not always easy since many dentists advertise daily. However, if you search the Internet and consult your friends and family, you will find the perfect dentist for the job. Remember that no two dentists are alike. Given the importance of a dentist for hygiene and dental health, it is necessary to select an expert and a qualified dentist who is known for his ongoing work with experience and qualification.

Best Dentists in Tulsa Oklahoma

Here I will give some of the best dentists Tulsa Ok.

Dr. Neil Cornell, DDS

Dr. Neil Cornell comes in the first position in the my list of best dentists in Tulsa Oklahoma. Dr Cornell and his team strive to be one of the best dental practices in Tulsa, Oklahoma and beyond. Thanks to our advanced technology, our patient-oriented approach and our commitment to complete dental healing, we can offer the dental treatments necessary to guarantee you and your whole family a healthy mouth and teeth. Should. Dr Cornell has the right combination of patient-centred techniques, approaches and procedures that will give you and your family a great healthy smile.

Dr Neil R. Cornell graduated in biology from the University of West Virginia in 1993. He got his doctorate in dentistry from the WVU School of Dentistry in 1997. Cornell is a general practitioner (specializing in oral surgery) at Veterans Hospital in Martinsburg, West Virginia.

This experience has increased his desire for an advanced level of treatment and a more extensive range of services that he wishes to offer his patients with excellence. After visiting V.A. Hospital, he decided to take an implant training course and continue participating in some of the most sought-after peer study groups in the country.

As part of his continuing education, Dr Cornell provides comprehensive assistance that will greatly benefit his patients. In more complex cases, he went through a phase of learning and discovery with his patients. An agreement has been reached on plans that could serve the patient, both aesthetically and functionally.

Dr. Benjamin Gerkin, DDS

We are an Oriental dentistry office that is committed to ensuring optimal dental health through comprehensive and quality dental care. Thanks to our commitment to excellence, we are committed to treating the needs of our patients with the utmost care. Our level of assistance is not less than we expect from ourselves.

Dr. Rachel Standlee, DDS

I like all aspects of dentistry, and I am still of high quality and attention. I offer services of all ages and provide a wide variety Of dental assistance. I like spending my free time with each patient to develop a relationship and a common goal of treatment that I can achieve. I value the trust my victim’s place in me, and I look forward to many good years of dental education. So I decided to keep his name on third in my list of best dentists in Tulsa Oklahoma.

Dr. Walter Davies III, DDS

We need to be proud of our attention. The passion for excellence is reflected in all aspects of our practice, from our interaction with patients to our approach to the materials we use to perform these treatments, which are still available in the United States.

Our high-tech dental office is equipped with some of the latest minimally invasive technologies to provide Dr Davies treatment, precision and ease of use. Its relaxed posture near the chair calms even the most nervous patient, and Everyone appreciates the time it takes to explain what to expect during your visit thoroughly.

Dr. John Andrew Carletti, DDS

As an essential dental clinic, Carletti Dentistry and Associates is committed to providing our patients with the services they need to fulfil their dreams. From the general dentist to the cosmetic treatment, we take our role as dentists very seriously. We will not accept your trust. Our highly qualified staff is dedicated to meet all your needs and treat you with kindness and respect in all phases of treatment.

Dr. Brandi Thompson, DDS

Thompson, DDS, is a respected member of the Doctor Mastery Program. The five-year program includes clinical training of world-renowned doctors, from the development of necessary skills and progress to the mastery of more complex dental treatments.

After completing the five-year program, Dr Thompson, DDS, is an academic at the Academy of General Dentistry (FAGD) that owns only 7% of general dentists in the United States and improves access to dental care.


Doctor of Dental Surgery, University of Oklahoma – School of Dentistry – Oklahoma City, OK

Diploma in Human Nutrition, Oklahoma State University – Stillwater, OK

Continuous professional development and registration

Thompson has advanced training in Invisalign, conscious oral sedation and interceptive orthodontics. He is also a part of the Oklahoma Dentists Association, the Oklahoma Dental Association.

Michael Wynn, DDS

Michael Michael was born and raised in McAlester. After completing his doctoral dissertation at the University of Oklahoma, Michael spent many years in dental sales, where he met. His years of sales experience are invaluable because he has worked with many different dentists, observed patient experiences and recognized his passion for dentists. Dr Wynn studied dentistry, began his studies and graduated from the University of Oklahoma School of Dentistry.

Michael’s experience in dentistry goes beyond his formal education. His father, dr. Bill Wynn is a general dentist at McAlester and has practiced in this practice for over 40 years. The older brother of Michael dr. Bernie Wynn is a periodontist in Tulsa. Michael Wynn also hopes to expand his dental practice here in the Tulsa area.

And at the end of my list I have placed the name of Michael Wynn, DDS in the list. I am very confident with this positive hope that my list with the name of best dentists in Tulsa Oklahoma will very helpful for you.

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