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Home depot garage door opener prices vary depending on the model, brand, power, and garage door type. However, installation prices start at $ 127, with an average price of $ 199. Basic installations generally don’t remove old devices. Then ask your specialist what is included in the building. The installation prices are the same in many hardware stores.

What Size is Better for Home Depot Garage Door Opener?

Many sizes are available for the home depot garage door opener. The least potent motor in a garage door opener is 1/3 power, and the most generally installed garage door opener has a few more power at 1/2 strength.

Large or heavy garage doors require 3/4 horsepower. Garage doors range from light aluminum to heavy wood. However, since most garage doors are balanced, electricity will be enough to open them.

Horsepower Required with Garage Door Size & Weight

A parking door weighs at least 130 pounds for a particular entry door and 350 pounds or higher for a double door with windows. For a new double glazed door, the weight is between 400 and 600 pounds. It would help if you had a garage door handle that is strong enough to support this weight.

Therefore, your garage door’s size and weight do not necessarily determine the strength you need, but how often you use the door opener each day. The higher the resistance, the longer the openers must be if the door is balanced correctly.

A garage door opens and closes about 1,500 times a year. Most garage door openers open and close 10,000 times when the door is opened. The less energy you use on the door frame each time, the longer it will last.

How Long Does it Takes?

Typically, a garage door will last 10 to 15 years, depending on the door agent’s performance, the garage door’s weight, and the number of times it has been opened and closed. Most openers open and close 10,000 times. The less time and effort you spend opening the box, the longer it will take.

Average Door Weighs

  • 25 gauge metal, 8 ‘wide, 7’ high = 75 to 80 lbs or 85 to 90 lbs when insulated.
  • 25 gauge metal, 16 ‘wide by 7’ tall = 150-160lbs or 165-180lbs. when they are isolated.
  • For heavy wood doors, individual doors can start at 130 lbs. And go for 300 pounds or more.
  • A double door with windows and a double glazed door will likely weigh over 400 lbs.

Types of Home Depot Garage Door Opener

There are four main types of openings. Each has its benefits and losses, depending on the place of the garage. A separate garage works well with a noisy chain opener but is cheaper. If your garage is plugged in, we recommend one of the other three quieter can openers.

Chain-Drive Openers

Chain openers cost $ 119 and $ 268, respectively. It is the cheapest option, mainly because it is noisy. It consists of a metal chain that powers a car that raises and lowers the garage door. All moving parts may require more maintenance than other options.

Belt-Drive Openers

$180 to $344

A steel-reinforced elastic drives a belt drive with knotted teeth on one side that runs along with the gear that raises and lowers the door. When using rubber, there is less vibration, so the noise is less. Fewer moving components mean less preservation, which is good. Seat belts are a great option if your garage is close to your home.

Screw Driven Openers

$208 to $274

With this option, a threaded metal rod rotates, raising the door and lowering it when activated. It is a very quiet open garage door with few moving parts that require little maintenance and silicone lubrication twice a year due to the metal-to-metal effect.

Direct-Drive Openers

$269 to $439

Tomorrow is the easiest of them all. The motor itself will close and open the door. No chains, belts, or bolts, only the machine works. It’s quiet and almost maintenance-free with very few moving parts.

Labor Cost To Replace Garage Door Opener

Unless stated at the time of investment, your opener will normally incur extra costs. The average cost to install a garage door opener is between $ 127 and $ 199, excluding the cost of opening the door itself. It needs about 2 hours to install and costs $ 60 to $ 100.

It may be necessary to hire an electrician to install an electrical outlet in the garage before installing the opener. It costs between $ 100 and $ 200 more and takes about an hour of work.

Additional Installation Costs for Home Depot Garage Door Opener

  • Remove the previously opened garage door.
  • If your garage door exceeds 10 feet, you will likely need an upgrade kit that can add $ 50 to your bill. Contact your installer.

New Garage Door Installation

Nationwide, the average cost to establish a new garage is $ 1,020, and most homeowners spend between $ 878 and $ 1,420 depending on style, size, and quality. A garage door installation for a car can cost anywhere from $ 500 to $ 800. This price includes doors, manufacturing, rails, and materials.

Garage Door Opener Components

Clickers, Remotes, or Keypads

A new garage door option usually includes one or two remote controls and a click that can be opened from the inside. The average cost of buying a remote replacement ranges from $ 24 to $ 39, while keyboard prices from $ 26 to $ 60.


As technology advances, more and more companies offer open garage doors with WiFi that can be opened or closed using a smartphone app or Bluetooth technology. These options allow you to open and close your garage door while you work or home.

Another benefit is the ability to combine the garage door opener into the home network and respond to commands such as “Hello Google …” or “Alexa, open the garage door.” You can also be notified when the garage door is open when you are not home. Garage door openers typically have a capacity between $ 150 and $ 400.

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