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In this article, We will discuss the best Sunscreen for the face. Sunscreen plays a vital role in protecting the human body from skin cancer. Sun’s UV rays can cause skin cancer. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation’s Report, One out of every five persons in America gets skin cancer due to this reason. Moreover, first, we need to know about what is a Sunscreen?

What is Sunscreen?

Sunscreen is a combination of different ingredients such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, which creates a block between Sun’s Ultra Violate Rays and face. It also helps to prevent your skin from skin cancer, which is most common in the American States. It categorized with SPF (Sun Protection Factor). Now, we need to discuss SPF.

best sunscreen for face

What is SPF & Its Quantity?

Sunscreens categorized with Sun Protection Factor. Therefore, It is observed a healthy skin of a person becomes red by staying on Sun. Now SPF 15 means it protects the skin 15 times more than a natural skin means 5 hours protection from Sun’s Ultra Violate Rays. SPF 15 Plus reduces the chances of skin cancer 92% by using daily. However, if you are already affected by skin cancer, you should use at least SPF 30 or more because it provides almost 94% protection from skin cancer. Best Sunscreen for face cannot be chosen with SPF bases.

In Short SPF 45 provide 95%, SPF 60 provides 97%, and SPF 100 provides 99% protection from ultra-violate rays. There is a slight difference in these protection factors, but it counts when you are already affected by Skin Cancer.

What are Ultra-Violate Rays?

As everyone knows, Sun extracts dangerous rays that are stopped by the OZONE Layer between Sun and Earth. But some of these rays come down, which are less risky. These are called UV Rays. Moreover, These rays have divided into two types one is UVA, and the other is UVB. Ultra-Violate Rays A has a longer wavelength. These are more dangerous and severe due to lasting skin damage. However, Ultra-Violate B rays are of shorter wavelength and less risky. These rays sometimes can cause skin cancer, but it usually causes a sunburn.

Benefits of Using a Sunscreen

1- Shield from UV Rays

As discussed earlier, A Sunscreen creates a shield against ultra-violate rays on the face, which protects a human body from skin cancer.

2- Prevents from Premature Aging

Sunscreen also prevents premature aging signs. It prevents wrinkles and fine lines and other signs of aging persons. It creates a shield to look younger than the age.

3- Prevent Sunburns

Research has been made the people who do not wear Sunscreen on face sunburns to appear on their faces. These look due to the inflammation on the face. However, Sunscreen usage reduces the inflammation process. That is why it prevents sunburns.

4- Enhance Skin Health

Sunscreens also enhance the health of skin just because, as we discussed earlier, it creates a shield against ultra-violate rays, which helps to boost the health of the skin.

Who Should Use Sunscreen

It is also the most common question that should use a sunscreen. Just not the case; everyone who is over six months old must use Sunscreen at least SPF 15 for kids. It is enough for older age as well. However, if skin cancer or even a sunburn affects you, you should use at least SPF 30. One thing, you should apply it after a moisturizer. Just When if you are using moisturizer as well.

Is it necessary to use Sunscreen in rainy weather?

Yes, it does not matter what is weather conditions because ultra-violate rays can cross from clouds. Because if these can pass from the ozone layer, then why not it can move from clouds. It is too risky because when you are already suffering from a sunburn or skin cancer. It does not matter if you are staying out in the Sun, it is necessary to use Sunscreen once a day.

Final Words:

Overview of complete research is that Sunscreen has hidden benefits, but these can save you from severe diseases like skin cancer, sunburns, face acne, and many more. As told earlier, America is the most affected country from skin cancer disease. Moreover, Almost 12,000 deaths were counted in 2013 from America with skin cancer, and the main reason was these ultra-violate rays. Keep in mind all these tips for choosing the best Sunscreen for the face.

If you have affected with face acne problems due to these ultra-violate rays and Sunscreen are not working on these, you should read out How to get rid of forehead acne.

If you have more questions about how to choose the best Sunscreen for the face, don’t be shy and ask freely in the comment section. Our Research team will try to answer your question by their experience.


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