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When people want to plan the vacations to Hawaii, the best time to go to Hawaii is the first thing they want to know when determining the best travel time in Hawaii. It is essential to take into account the weather forecast for the season, the islands to visit, the festivals or events, and prices and prices of accommodation.

It is also important to note if you want to take an extended vacation. If the activities and attractions are of interest to you as soon as you look and if other islands and train stations when you return to Hawaii, do so you can experiment.

Best Time to Go to Hawaii

Flights to Hawaii are generally more expensive from mid-December to mid-April. However, flights in January or February, depending on the fare application. It can cost up to $ 175 less than usual high season. From September to mid-December, hotel rooms should cost less.

The dry season in Hawaii remains from April to October. The rainy season from November to March. Although summer seems like the best time to go to Hawaii, the climate is sweltering and humid. You have to consider it during extreme temperatures. Fortunately, Hawaii has been incredibly fun all year long. There is no “bad” time to visit. In terms of temperature, April, May, September, and October are probably the most enjoyable times to visit (which fortunately coincides with some good travel deals).

The Best Times to Go Whale Watching

Visitors to Hawaii intending to watch whales will find Collared Whales on the shores of the islands from December to May. February considered by many to be the highlight of the season, as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Research Agency conduct annual whale surveys at this time.

When is the Best Time to Visit Hawaii

Travelers looking for the best climate in Hawaii will find that rain is minimal from April to September. According to Accuweather, the hurricane season in the central Pacific runs from June 1 to November 3, with the possibility of a tropical cyclone in August. Do not forget that there is still a lot to do in Honolulu, even if it is raining.

What’s Best Island to visit in Hawaii?

The best island in Hawaii leans on your passions. Do you like food? The adventure? Tourism on foot? There are six Hawaiian places open to guests, and each offers something unique.

Fortunately, you do not have to choose one. Most flights from the United States land in Oahu, but regular Hawaiian Airlines service facilitates trips to other islands in the chain. On the Norwegian Cruise Line, you can also tour four separate islands in seven days. This way, you can enjoy the best of Kauai, Oahu, Maui, and the big islands.


There are about 1.42 million people in Hawaii, most of them in Oahu. Honolulu’s capital is house to the largest shops, restaurants, and upscale nightclubs of the islands. Waikiki is the center of the action. On the same day, you can go to the beach, buy the new Gucci sunglasses, and taste Chef Roy Yamaguchi’s Japanese and Hawaiian fusion.

Oahu is the best for shoppers, gourmands, city lovers, and action and relaxation lovers. Oahu is the best land in Hawaii for tight budgets. There is no need to buy plane tickets between islands and a wide range of hotels and apartments, making it easy to find accommodation at a reasonable price.


Maui is the 2nd-largest island of the Hawaiian Islands. It has been a meeting place for many years because there is something for everyone: golden beaches, waterfalls, relaxing nightlife, championship golf courses, and many outdoor adventures, from walking to cycling, diving snorkeling, and surfing. You must try many of these attractions along the scenic route to Hana, one of the best in the world.

The highway is one of the most famous rides in the world, and Haleakala, one of Hawaii’s national parks, is a fantastic place to visit. And everyone, from golfers to surfers, will experience many adventures on Maui. The nickname for Maui is “Valley Island” and when you arrive, you’ll see why. The Haleakala to the east and the mountains west of Maui to the west: amazing!

Big Island

When all the other islands of Hawaii meet, the big island is still twice as small. You cannot maintain the natural diversity of the Big Island, either. If you travel on the island, you will find not only the sites you expect in Hawaii. White and black sand beaches, golf courses, fertile jungle valleys, waterfalls, but also a green coastline (Papakolea).

The Big Island offers a solid selection of resort types on the Kohala Coast (gold), condominiums on the island, and an excellent B & B in Kona and close to the volcano. The volcanic area is also a great place to bird watch. The Big Island is also full of activities, from hiking to the new lava flow that drives the beautiful Waipio Valley.


If you travel miles in variegated foliage in all possible shades of green, it’s not hard to see how Kauai got the nickname “Garden Island.” Only 20% of the island is within walking distance. The rest is a dense tangle of cliffs, primitive forests, and mountain baths. Take a helicopter to enjoy the best views of Kauai’s most remote lands.

But what sets Kauai apart is that you cannot reach the maximum by car. It means holding the stick and walking on the trails! Kauai offers, in our opinion, the best hiking trails in Hawaii. From the beautiful coastal path from Kalalau to the NaPali coast to admire Waialeale’s “wall of tears,” the Kauai tour is second to none.

The Garden Isle is also homeward to Waimea Canyon, which Mark Twain calls the “Grand Canyon of the Ocean.” Kauai is a more adventurous island. The only drawback for many is the weather because all green means a lot of rain. But do not worry: Kauai is a beautiful island to visit our second personal favorite in the chain.


Stay away from everything and go to Molokai, where there are no traffic lights and, surprisingly, plenty of places famous for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The island is ideal for hikers, and the Halawa Valley, east of Molokai, leaves you speechless with its beautiful scenery. If beaches are more relevant to you, Papohaku beach is one of the largest in Molokai. It is 5 km long and 100 m wide.


There is no traffic light on the smallest island in Hawaii. The rush hour at the Blue Ginger Café resembles a family reunion where friends and neighbours greet “aloha” at breakfast. The rugged coast extends to a view of the pine forests and dry, rocky plains of Cook Island. In Hulopoe Bay, there are more long-necked dolphins than snorkellers.

Undoubtedly, relaxing and eternally beautiful. These are Hawaiians, captured in old postcards – adventures, love stories – and the opportunity to experience local culture at every step. Experience the best of the island at Four Seasons Lanai Resort on the South Coast. Travel to the city of Lanai for shopping at local shops, golf on a championship course, explore the beautiful island territory of the horse and navigate the Pacific.

When you attend one of the Hawaii Islands, you will immediately immerse yourself in a deep sultry paradise full of adventure. Every island suggests an incredible number of free activities, including relaxing beaches, exciting excursions, essence walks, and more. Do your analysis and increase your budget with these easy activities.

Visit Hawaii in Off-Season

Again, a visit to Hawaii can be handy if you do not travel in a great season. If going outside is not an alternative, look for other methods to save money, such as free activities or different accommodations.

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Book a Condo or Suite

At first glance, this advice does not seem intuitive. Are condos and suites worth more than a standard apartment? Yes, they are more costly, but elsewhere, you travel a lot more: food.

Condos and faculty often have kitchens or kitchens to prepare meals. I recommend trying Hawaiian heavenly cuisine, but you can conserve cash by preparing breakfast and lunch.

Group Your Hotel and Activities

Find ways to connect your hotel and exercises into one vacation package for additional discounts on your trip. The packet! The choice of Reserve Hawaii is an excellent idea to save money! Take your vacation package to a hotel, city, or business of your choice, and see how the savings are going.

Visit Hawaii for Less

With a little preparation and analysis, you can move to Hawaii without paying too much. Those watching for the cheapest island in Hawaii should book a trip to Oahu. However, it is also reasonable to go to Maui, Big Island, and Kauai outwardly, reducing the travel budget. A great way to experience and enjoy Hawaiian culture is to attend a significant event. A lot is going on throughout the year. If you explore what is available, this could be the best time to go to Hawaii.

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