Can you have a Period While Pregnant


Can you have a period while pregnant? A question where a lot of conspiracy takes place for many people. If you are looking for a one-word answer, then-No is the answer.

I mean to say impossible that you have a period while pregnant. Because the ovulation process stops once you get pregnant, if you are talking about the bleeding during the first trimester, I can have many other reasons, but it’s not a period of symptoms.

Is that a serious condition?

Well, that question can be asked about bleeding a little bit of heavy bleeding during pregnancy. Maybe it’s a serious condition or maybe not but depends on other symptoms. In both cases, it is necessary to consult with a doctor. But here we can only discuss it according to some common cases.

According to an authentic analysis, near about 25-30 percent of women experience bleeding during the start of pregnancy time. This can be due to some infection, ectopic pregnancy, or a threatened of Miscarriage. It can be a cause of concern if it continues to the second and third trimester.

Causes of bleeding during pregnancy

There are some common possibilities discussed below. Which includes ectopic pregnancy, Miscarriage, etc.

Sexual Intercourse during pregnancy

Some women did not avoid sexual Intercourse, even during pregnancy. In that case, just due to more sensitivity some time it starts bleeding just after sexual IntercourseIntercourse or later.

In that case, some women think that it is due to monthly cycle mensuration or periods. It is just a lack of knowledge, nothing more than that.

Some Hormonal Changes

Sometimes, at the begging period of pregnancy, a little bleeding occurs in women. Well, this can be due to some hormonal changes and the temperature of the body. These hormonal changes sometimes experienced due to external and due to the internal environment. It isn’t a serious cause of concern.

Molar Pregnancy

Bleeding during pregnancy can be due to molar pregnancy. Here, first of all, you need to know about molar pregnancy. In a molar pregnancy, not a single chromosomes transfer from women’s infertile egg and the chromosomes from men’s sperm duplicate, and it becomes impossible for the embryo to grow further.

This molar pregnancy is just a rare case, not going to happen each time. Even only one case out of 1500 cases of bleeding found due to molar pregnancy in the United States.

Ectopic Pregnancy

If you are unaware of ectopic pregnancy. It is a medical emergency during pregnancy. In that condition, the implantation process proceeds outside the uterus. Which can be a severe cause of concern sometimes.

Ectopic pregnancy has some symptoms if you can feel. Generally, in that condition, pregnant women feel a severe type of pain in the lower left abdomen.


During the first trimester, Miscarriage of pregnancy can be a cause of bleeding. Due to Miscarriage, a woman does not remain pregnant, and then a regular monthly cycle starts again.

Sometimes, in such cases, women can feel some abdominal pain at the lower left side. In that case, a woman can have periods.

Preterm Labor

The normal duration of a new birth between 37th to 42nd week of pregnancy. If a baby born before the 37th week, then it is referred to as preterm labor.

In that case, similar to the period’s symptoms appears. The main symptom which can be observed is the feeling of sensation in the vagina.

Now we need to cover some frequently asked questions about periods during pregnancy.

How rare is it to be pregnant and have your period

Impossible, I mean no chance that you are pregnant and have periods at the same time. Already we have discussed that the ovulating process stops once you get pregnant.

Some unusual bleeding can be experienced, but it’s not due to periods. That is why not even a rare chance that you are pregnant and having periods.

Can you have a Period While Pregnant First Trimester

Not, there can be some symptoms of periods during the first trimester. Just due to the previous monthly cycle that was during the process. Otherwise, during the pregnancy, you cannot have periods.

Can you have a heavy period & still be pregnant

There is a rare chance you feel that you are pregnant. Just after that feeling, you might experience a heavy period. In these symptoms, heavy bleeding can also be observed.

It can be due to some hormonal changes, ectopic pregnancy, or maybe a miscarriage. But just during the first trimester, not after that in second or third.

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Bottom Line

The whole article was about can you have a period while pregnant. After the complete analysis, the one-word answer not changed. You cannot have periods if you are pregnant. You need to consult with a doctor because if you have periods, then you are not pregnant.


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