Causes of Pain in Lower Left Abdomen


Pain in Lower left abdomen not often considered as a cause of concern. It is still not something that someone can ignore. It can be caused by gas pain, diverticulitis, and having many other hidden causes. You can’t ignore the pain in lower left abdomen if the cause is not just gas in the abdomen. So, let’s move forward to overview the specific causes of pain in the lower left abdomen.

Causes of Pain in Lower Left Abdomen

Celiac Disease

It is a chronic condition with those who remain unable to digest gluten that is a kind of protein found in wheat. It also found in many other foods and healthcare products. In this condition, the immune system of human body attacks on intense parts of the body which cause a digestive problem and many other problems in the human body.

Celiac Disease

Gas Pain

This kind of pain usually no cautions of dangerous diseases. But it can be the cause of pain in lower left abdomen. Typically Gas Pain feels in the upper part of the abdomen. Mainly it is caused when a person inhaled air while eating a meal. Moreover, by eating indigestive food, you can suffer from that pain as well. It can take a maximum of two days to come in the normal condition but no need to concern normally.

gas pain

Diverticulitis Disease

Nowadays, Diverticulitis Disease is one of the most common causes of pain in lower left abdomen. It occurs when diverticula in the intestinal wall become inflamed or infected. It is formed in weak areas of large intestine referred to as colon disease. These are present in adults and old aged persons. As age increases the number of diverticula increases. Diverticulitis Pain increased during a meal or just after the meal. It is a common disease in adults and old age persons.

Diverticulitis Disease

Ectopic Pregnancy

There are several steps followed from fertility to delivery in women during pregnancy. One of these steps is fertile egg moves to the uterus itself. But sometimes it is unable to attach itself to the uterus and attach itself with the fallopian tube. This is an ectopic pregnancy. This also causes lower left abdomen pain in this condition.

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ectopic pregnancy

This is a serious condition, but this is a rare case. According to (AAFP), 2% of pregnant women face this kind of disease. You have to concern to the specialist in that condition. Sometimes it needs surgery to repair the fallopian tube.

  1. Other symptoms of ectopic pregnancy are
  2. Vaginal Bleeding
  3. Discomfort in urination
  4. Miss Period or Some other pregnancy symptoms


Pelvic Inflammatory (PID) is a type of reproduction system infection in women. It is followed by sexually transmitted diseases which are termed as STDs. Some other infections, like bleeding with sex, bleeding during periods, and another cause vaginal discharge in a bad odor, can also lead to PID.


Indigestion of Food

Sometimes a person tries to take undigested food, which causes pain in the lower left abdomen. But usually, this pain occurs in the upper part of the stomach. But sometimes lower abdomen pain caused by Indigestion of food as well. Other symptoms of Indigestion are slight pain, gas pain, inflammation, etc.


Kidney Stones

Kidney Stones are generally formed with calcium these can be formed either the right or left Kinney. No one can realize me until it causes some problems like pain in the abdomen, difficulty during urination and light fever, and many more symptoms related to Kidney and abdomen pain. This can be the cause of pain in lower left abdomen.

kidney stones

Dysmenorrhea Disease

This kind of disease only occurs in women during or between Menstrual Periods. These are the kind of cramps. This is no need to concern with the disease. But if it affects your daily routine activities, then you need to contact your doctor for that if you are not older than 32 years of age. Otherwise, as you get older, it becomes severe over time.


Shingles Pain only effects if you have fallen in the disease of chickenpox. The reason is that the varicella-zoster virus remains in your body quietly, and this virus can run through the action in your body as Shingles Pain. Risk Factor of that pain goes high if your age is more than 50 years.


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Bottom Line

Whatever you can think with your lower left abdomen, pain does not matter. Abdomen pain lasts a maximum of three days. It is not the cause of concern. If you’re suffering from pain for more than five days, then it must be a cause of concern you can suffer from dangerous diseases. Without wasting time, you need to as with your doctor.

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