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Today we are trying to discuss the difference between iPhone 11 and 11 pro. As you know, Apple has announced iPhone 11, and iPhone 11 Pro. The trio of new iPhones is part of the 2020 series. However, Apple continues to sell iPhone 8 and iPhone XR, so consumers have six models to choose.

With prices ranging from $ 449 to $ 1,099 and the Touch ID feature in Face ID, choosing which iPhone to get can be complicated. That was not supposed to be the case.

We take you to stores across the iPhone range and showcase strengths and weaknesses (spoiler warning!). We have got to the finish that the iPhone 11 offers the best value for money (as far as we know).

Please note that we will read the technical data and what we know about the device itself. It is emphasized that this will be tested in a full version and updated shortly if necessary. However, we understand that some people, including our staff, want to get in the car and book to get the last and best day of departure.

Difference between Iphone 11 and 11 Pro

We will start knowing information from Iphone 11. Let’s start it.

Apple iPhone 11: 6.1 Inches View

The 6.1-inch liquid mesh LCD screen on the Apple iPhone 11 has an average size compared to the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. The technology used in this screen is not as innovative as that of the Apple iPhone 11 Pro (Max).

However, we already know the screen of the Apple iPhone XR, so it clearly offers a good photo. Like the Apple iPhone 11 Pro (Max) display, the Apple iPhone 11 display also does not have 3D touch technology and is therefore not pressure sensitive.

Camera – iPhone 11

When we talk aboutcamera difference between iPhone 11 and 11 pro, we learn how to take photos with the standard lens and the wide-angle lens of Apple’s iPhone 11. With the wide-angle lens, you can take a bigger picture with one photo. This is the solution for photos of entire landscapes or large objects, e.g., B. a building. The phone also has a 12-megapixel TrueDepth camera that allows you to create slow-motion videos. If not, you can still use the camera to take fun selfies with your pets.

Design – Apple iPhone 11

The housing of the Apple iPhone 11 is made of aluminum. The entire rear window is shiny and makes the phone suitable for wireless charging. It also weakens calcium with greasy fingerprints. Not a fan of perspective? You can quickly solve it with a phone case.

Availability – iPhone 11 in Colors

Availabilityis main point in our discussion of difference between iPhone 11 and 11 pro. Apple’s iPhone 11 projects in more colors than the iPhone 11 Pro (maximum). You can choose from black, white, yellow, red, purple, and green. This is the first time that an Apple device is also available in the last two colors. Apple iPhone 11 is prepared with a storage space of 64GB, 256GB, or 512GB.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro (Max): Super Retina XDR (OLED)

The Apple iPhone 11 Pro has a 5.8-inch Super Retina XDR (OLED) screen and is suitable for HDR. This screen is the smallest of all. 3. The bag fits more efficiently, and you can only control the screen with one hand if you have a big hand. The older brother, the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max, has a 6.5-inch display. Thanks to this large screen, you can easily watch movies and series on your phone..

Camera – iPhone 11 Pro (Max): 3 Cameras on the back

I would love to add that it has a standard wide-angle lens; the Apple iPhone 11 Pro (Max) also has a telephoto lens. This lens has an additional function in the form of a better optical zoom. It allows you to get closer to the minimum possible quality loss. This is helpful if, for instance, you want to focus on a hot air balloon in the distance. The front camera is identical to that of the iPhone 11. This means it has a 12 MP TrueDepth camera for slow-motion video.

Design – Apple iPhone 11 Pro (Max): matte back

The back of the Apple iPhone 11 Pro (Max) is made of mysterious glass and is framed. In this way, you have a firmer grip, and your phone is less prone to slippery fingers. The stainless steel case gives the phone a less fragile and reliable appearance.

Availability – iPhone 11 Pro (Max): Space Gray, Silver, Gold, and Midnight Green

In disparity to the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro (Max) is available in 4 colors. You can take between Space Gray, Gold, Silver, and Midnight Green colors. It is also the 1st time that an Apple iPhone has been available in this dark green shade. Apple iPhone 11 Pro (Max) is available with 64GB, 256GB, or 512GB of storage capacity.

Conclusion for Difference between iPhone 11 and 11 Pro

All two iPhones are equipped with the new A13 chip so that you can benefit from years. Apple iPhone Pro (Max) is the best option if you want to take photos and videos. The luxurious appearance of the phone is very eye-catching and offers better screen quality. If you wish to beautiful colors for your iPhone or don’t think the camera and display are essential, the Apple iPhone 11 offers you more options.

Ultimately, it largely depends on how you use it, which phone you choose. If you have the idea of ​​having a big phone with a big screen that uses an OLED display that offers more excellent brightness and contrast, buy the iPhone 11 Pro Max. If you own the money and want the most advanced and most excellent Apple deals, the iPhone 11 Pro Max is for you.

Here is the good news: the iPhone 11 is an excellent phone for most people. If you don’t mind the OLED screen and aren’t worried about a third camera lens, the iPhone 11 offers the same interior from $ 400 less. The 6.1-inch display is, on the one hand, relatively easy to use and remains an update to last year’s range of iPhone products. It is an excellent choice for anyone seeing for a little more power and speed in your daily transportation.

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