Exercises to get rid of love handles


In this article, we will discuss the exercises to get rid of love handles. There are too many exercises to get rid of love handles, which we will discuss when moving a little forward. First of all, we need to know about love handles, its causes, side effects, and then we move to the exercises. Let’s get started to move forward.

What are love handles?

These are areas of skin that extend outside started from hips upper part. Most of the expert says that this love handles appears due to tight clothes. But this is not only the case although, this is a reason but not the main reason. Now, we will discuss what causes love to handles?

What causes love handles?

1- OverDose of Calories

When someone tired heavily, he/She tried to eat sugary food with a massive amount of calories. Moreover, they did not burn their calories in the form of exercise or some other routine. Due to these high quantity calories, love handles appear from the hips.

High Calories Foods

2- Over Stressed

It has observed that Stress is also the most common and reasonable cause of love handles. We cannot get rid of Stress, but yoga and other relaxation techniques can help.

over stressed

3- Clean Diet

When someone takes more calories than the burning of calories, it causes the formation of love handles. So, if you take more calories in your diet plan, you should do more work to burn extra calories.

Diseases of Due to Love Handles

1- High Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure sometimes goes out of control due to these love handles because body weight and mass increase, causing high blood pressure.

high blood pressure

2- High Cholesterol

The cholesterol of the body can go high due to the love handles. However, high cholesterol does not have symptoms. That is why it is always advisable to check the cholesterol level regularly.

high cholesterol

3- Heart Diseases

As discussed earlier, extra fat formed by love handles and additional fat causes deadly heart problems.

heart diseases

Best Exercises to get rid of love handles

Love handles exercises for men.

Here are enlisted exercises to get rid of love handles for men.

1- Sledgehammer Strike

Keep your right hand near the hammer and left side on the bottom. Now raise the ram up to the head to the right shoulder. Far down the stick to the center of the tire. Start the Switching side left to right with 3 Sets 20 Reps in each. I must have to say this is the best exercise to get rid of love handles.

exercise to get rid of love handles

2- Battle Rope Waves

Grip the rope with both of your hands by standing on your feet. Keep in mind hi-distance must be apart. Now push the rope up and down straight to form a wave from a rope. You have to complete 4 Sets of 30 Seconds with the Rest of 30 Seconds. It will help to get rid of love handles.

battle rope

3- Russian Twists

For Russian Twist, you have to sit on the floor and Just on your legs bent and feet just touching with the level. Now extend your arms by holding a weight in your hands. By leaning your back at an angle of almost 45. After that start moving your arms from side to side 15 time and complete minimum 3 Sets

Russian twist

Love handles workout for women.

Here are enlisted exercises to get rid of love handles.

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1- High to Low Ball Chop

It is a super easy exercise to get rid of love handles stand on your feet by lifting a medicine ball in both hands, creating a loop from high to low, pulling the ball towards the left and right ankle, and repeating the step 12 times on each side.

Ball Chop

2- Russian Twists

It is the same as described above in men’s workout exercises no difference, but for women, it will be enough to perform 12 complete cycles from left to right or vice versa in two sets to get rid of love handles.

russian twist women

3- Side Lift Plank

Lie down on your forearm in a long line, lift your hips, and form a side forearm plank. Repeat the steps 12 times on each side, left and right. It is a challenging but handy workout plank to get rid of love handles.

side lift plank

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Final Words

Here, we have described the exercises to get rid of love handles for both men and women. These are the most recommended exercises and workout by fitness experts almost all of the experts. But what you have to do if you under the effect of love handles in the early stage. You have to follow these exercises and workouts because these are easy to cure in the early stages.

If you have any further questions, don’t be shy to ask. Our Research team will answer you. Moreover, If you have a better suggestion about exercises to get rid of love handles, this can help others like you.


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