10 Foods to Avoid with High Cholesterol


In this article, we will discuss about 10 foods to avoid with high cholesterol. Before getting involved in foods to avoid with high cholesterol. We need to discuss why a food become high cholesterol. Foods that richly saturated with fat (natural or artificial) are high with cholesterol. It is one of the diseases which usually does not have any symptoms can only be detected by the doctor. Top high cholesterol foods enlisted below.

1- Liver

There is no doubt that the Liver is a very healthy food only if cholesterol level remains with the required limit. It can be very dangerous for heart patients. In animals, the highest cholesterol part is Liver both in chicken in beef. This naturally saturated fat made the Liver with high cholesterol.

Liver Food

2- Processed Popcorn

When you look at the remedy of Corn by which Popcorn produced does not contain any cholesterol. A Microwave processed. Popcorn ingredients usually are Butter, oil and high slated ingredients sometimes a drop of olive oil. All these ingredients that discussed are highly rich in cholesterol. So, If your cholesterol level is not in control, then you should avoid for your health.

Popcorn to avoid with high cholesterol

3- Baked Foods Item

Mouth-Watering Baked Item is challenging to avoid just because of high cholesterol. But when cholesterol is high for someone, it is very necessary to avoid. Baked Foods sometimes made with cheap fat and unprocessed fat that makes them rich cholesterol. You can make them low cholesterol by cooking at home according to your cholesterol level. It also controls your cholesterol level.

baked Items

4- Mac and Cheese

It is a recipe which attracts both kids and adults. Its ingredients include Cheese, Butter, and breadcrumbs which laced with saturated fats. These fats are full of cholesterol. Mac and Cheese can be very healthy if you include vegetables in their ingredients and reduce the number of saturated fats.

mac and cheese

5- Butter

Butter is a rich, and somehow you can say natural saturated fat full with cholesterol. Butter is rich in fat that can increase your weight and cholesterol. Salted Butter is more dangerous to boost high blood pressure and high cholesterol. You cannot use Butter if you are patient with high cholesterol. Butter also use as an ingredient for Popcorn, snacks, and mashed potato.

Foods to avoid with high cholesterol

6- Fried Chickens

Any food which is fried become very heavy to cholesterol and fat. The amount of cholesterol in hamburger always considered less than fried chicken. It is important to let you know that processed chicken after decreasing fat becomes very healthy as a diet. The young generation is very crazy about that kind of food in the whole world, which boost the cholesterol level.

Fried Chicken

7- French Fries

French Fries is a French recipe and most popular in America and Young generation had much craze about French fries. Its ingredients are vegetable oils, Salts, Potato and Butter as well. These are high in cholesterol and one the leading foods to avoid with high cholesterol. It is an unhealthy diet just because it fried in vegetable oils.

French Fries

8- Eggs Yolk

The egg is widely used breakfast food because it has many health benefits as well. The egg is the main source of pure protein. The amount of protein in eggs yolk is almost equal to the white part of an egg. This healthy diet can be very dangerous if you have a high cholesterol problem. The egg is a rich saturated fat source that found naturally. No more than four yolks in a week can recommend for high cholesterol patients.

Eggs Yolk

9- Potato Chips

Potato Chips used to reduce light hunger and favorite for both generations (young and old) people. Just like French fries Potato Chips ingredients are Salt, Vegetable Oil, and Potato having a crunchy flavored. Delicious chips are not very healthy for high cholesterol patients probably for everyone.

Potato Chips

10- ICE Cream

Ice cream considered to be very delicious and yummy, which is mouthwatering. Most of its ingredients include high-fat milk. And cream with sugar which means this is full of cholesterol does not matter you are suffering from high cholesterol or not. It is as equally dangerous for high cholesterol and normal cholesterol level.

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Final Word

The whole article was based on foods to avoid with high cholesterol. The complete article covers the basic component which is saturated fat and Salt. And all foods discussed are using these ingredients as the main ingredient which makes all the foods to avoid with high cholesterol.


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