Benefits and buying guide for hard water softener


Are you aware of the fact that hard water is harsh on your skin and can make it dry? You could even be fed up with the brown stains of hard water on your bathroom and kitchen fittings. So much to face, but still, you have to cope with the issues of hard water on a day to day basis. Now, what can be done if the location where you reside has access to hard water only? Can you avoid it? Can you ensure that your hair and skin remain healthy and in shape?

In this modern era where everything is achievable, to cope up with hard water issues, there is a definite way out. For your shower or tap, you can use a hard water filter. By incorporating this, you can solve all these problems on your RO water system. In using a shower head, hard water is limited, and your hair and skin will improve.

hard water softener

For your bathroom why there is a need to purchase a hard water softener

It is hard to believe that hard water is a common problem in India. An obvious truth is marked on glassware, on your bath fittings white marks. The severe levels of the impact of hard water on your skin and hair, yes you are right as hard water hampers the condition from the top. Besides, if your appliances keep on breaking down regularly, a definite need for a water softener arises. There are some benefits of water softeners as follows

Removes chlorine

Are you aware that the chlorine present in hard water could be a lot worse than drinking it? When the temperature is warm chemicals tends to absorb quickly through the skin and enter the bloodstream. Chlorine reacts with water, actively forming by-products that can be harmful to your skin.

Limescale formation is reduced

If the region where you stay is contaminated with hard water, you will witness scaling on tiles or bath fittings. The process of scaling speeds up the aging process of your appliances, and in due course, you have to spend your money to purchase new appliances. With the use of hard water softeners, they make the water soft preventing the formation of scaling on your expensive tiles or bath fittings.

From the water, the odor is removed

Though water is dull in color and tasteless the presence of certain chemicals in water can provide it with a pungent taste. The municipal water that makes way into our home is loaded with chlorine, and this is one of the reasons for a foul smell. All around the world, municipal corporations use chlorine to disinfect the water. If the water that is present at your home also sticks, then it is time to use a multi-stage water filter.

Buying guide for hard water softener

The shower filters available in the market are ineffective; since the manufacturers go on to incorporate out-dated technology. All the shower or tap filters available in the market do not stay true to their claims. But in no way, it means that there is a reliable water softener available in the market as you have to cope up with hard and contaminated water.

While purchasing a product, you need to verify all the facts that the product claims it fulfills. Multi-stage filtration or KDF are more than effective to remove the harmful contaminants present in hard water.

hard water soften process


Common queries about water softener

Would it be safe to drink water from a water softener?

In no way, the water softeners are suggested for purifying drinking water. The hard-compact softeners are not capable of providing you with drinking water that is safe for drinking purposes. The raw water is a storehouse of harmful impurities or TDS that can only be removed with a water purifier.

Would a water softener lower down the TDS levels of your water?

The water softener is not going to bring down the TDS levels of water, and a process of exchange is followed. The calcium and magnesium ions components of hard water are removed, or even the chemical properties in the process are expected to change. When the water flows through the filters, it goes through various layers, and this is not going to lower down the TDS levels of water.

Can a water softener remove scaling from your bath fittings?

A water softener does clean the water and makes it better for your skin and hair. Even the scaling on your bath fittings is removed. The main component of hard water that is responsible for scaling in hard water is calcium forming on your bathroom and kitchen fittings. What the water softeners do is they change the physical stature of calcium to provide you with soft water. All the water softeners are going to reduce the formation of scaling on your bathroom fittings.

Would a shower and tap water softener remove chlorine?

If you are considering a water softener that has to remove chlorine from tap water, then opt for a carbon filter that operates in multi-layer mode. All the water softeners available in the market cannot remove chlorine, and you have to check out. Aquafresh RO customer care might give you advice on which is the popular water softeners that can accomplish this task.

What is the duration of a water softener?

Once again, this would depend upon the quality and quantity of water. Many brands available in the market might require you to replace the filter cartridge once in 3 to 6 months or after 30,000 of filtered water


From our discussion, until now, a basic fact is that every model that is available in the market incorporates a degree of sense. All of them work on the common principle that is to remove the contaminants in water so that you can shower and even bath in clean water. Firstly you might have to outline your preferences and then opt for a water filter that suits the needs in a possible manner.

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