How long to cook corn on the cob?


There are some interesting ways to cook the corn in the cob, and in this article, I will describe just three of them. According to these ways, the taste of corns depends on how they are prepared. I will also try to determine how long to cook corn on the cob?

A good chef can give free rein to your imagination when you think about the first barbecue, steak or chicken that comes out of the grill and adapts to your taste buds. We spend our winters with new massage recipes, sauces or a combination of both.

The corns from the garden can become good food item. Some people are like butter; others prefer the simple, while most of us want to add herbs and spices to improve the experience of eating hot corn straight from the grill. Here are three of my favourite ways to grill my corn.

Choose complete fresh corn. You want the silk to remain yellow and soft. Brown silk is a sign that your corn picked a few days ago or that it could stay on the stalk for too long.

We are talking about the cooking of corn on the cob with our question How long to cook corn on the cob? So, here I would love to share some corn recipes which will make your food more enjoyable.

cook corn on the cob

How long to cook corn on the cob?

The exact time for the cooking of corn in the cob is near about 10 minutes. When you have placed the corn in boiling water, then cover the pan, turn off the heat and let the corn rest in the water for 10 minutes. The corn will have a well finish.

cook corn on the cob

Method 1

Method one will help us to know about how long to cook corn on the cob. The most common way to prepare corns is just boil them in cob. First, you must thoroughly clean the corn husk without losing the original leaf. The leaves can penetrate the water and affect the taste of your cereals.

Then, boil the water deep enough to allow the corn to float in the water without touching the ground. Put the corn in water as soon as it starts to boil and put it in boiling water. Remove the corn after about five minutes. Then add the butter and salt to taste.

Method 2

The second standard way is to use a microwave. As the microwave tends to dry something, it is necessary to moisten the corn before placing it ultimately.

Place the corn in a bowl with boiled water and apply some weight so that it is completely submerged. Leave the corn for about fifteen or twenty minutes. Then you can remove it. Now you must wait for it to cool before peeling the corn. Once done, the corn is ready to be eaten.

Method 3

A enjoyable way to cook corn is roasting or boiling it. Once baked, the corn should be moistened precisely as when it is cooked in the microwave. When the corn is moisturized, you can put it on the grill.

The grain of the barbecue takes a long time because the shell very well protects it. Cover the grill to keep warm and turn the corn every five minutes.

You want the husk to load because it is more relaxed where the grain is. When the mask is half black, you have to make beans (the barbecues are so different that I could not propose here at this time). Wait for the corn to cool, decompose and enjoy the smoky flavour.

Now you have three ways to find the answer to our question: how long to cook corn on the cob? Let’s try to know about how we can make our Corn dishes more delicious.

Recipe #1 Corn with Herb Butter

Prepare a mixture of half a cup of soft butter, a teaspoon of finely chopped coriander, a teaspoon of finely chopped parsley, half a teaspoon of salt, a pinch or two pinches of black pepper.

Peel and remove silk from fresh corn. Rinse it lightly with cold water, then clean it with a towel to remove any remaining silk. Place the pillow on a square of thick sheets.

Distribute a small amount of butter on all sides of the corn and roll up the leaf. Make sure both ends are folded together to keep the butter mixture. Put on a hot grill for about 15 minutes and turn every 3-4 minutes. When opening, be careful not to burn yourself due to steam build-up.

Corn with Herb Butter

Recipe #2 Corn with Huskssss

It’s a natural way to cook corns with steam for grilled. You want to remove the shells and eliminate as much thirst as possible. Then dip the corn with the leaves in a bucket of salted water for about 15 minutes.

When you are ready to grill the corn, remove it from the water and drain the excess water. When wet, pull the leaves around the corn and place them on medium-high heat.

The wet pods create a steam effect on the corn and boil it in a few minutes. It is advisable to return the corn every 2-3 minutes. Leaving the grain with steam is a good sign.

Fresh corn takes only 8-9 minutes to cook. Keep an eye on your corn. Some leaves may start to turn towards the end of the cooking process. It is normal when they are dry. Give your corn a slightly smoky flavor. Remove the corn from the grill, season to taste and enjoy.

Corn with Huskssss

Recipe #3 Corn on the Grill

Some people like smoked corn to get direct heat from the grill. If you cook this way, you will need to clean the flask from all the trays and bristles, then cook them on the grill without direct heat.

The corn is cooked and blackened when the beans are grilled. The cooking time depends on the person who eats the corn. The more you fry it, the more it will drown. If you add butter or barbecue sauce at the end of the cooking process, the sauce will remain moist.

I think the roast came from cavemen trying to improve their eating habits. In modern times, it was initially thought to the grill to boil family members. Today it has become a pleasant way of life for most of us.

Corn on the Grill

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