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If you’re a huge fan of Apple watch, then mostly this question will come to in your mind that how much is a apple watch for today. The best portable device to pair with the iPhone in your pocket is the Apple Watch. But like everything that bears the fruit name on the company brand logo, they don’t swear.

Fortunately, we’re here to help you: We research and compile the best Apple Watch deals available today, so you can attach any of these smartwatches to your wrist without hanging at home to cut costs cover.

How much is a Apple Watch Today

  • Apple Watch Series 3 (38mm, GPS) — $169, was $199
  • Apple Watch Series 3 (42mm, GPS) — $199, was $229
  • Apple Watch Series 5 (40mm, GPS, Refurbished) — $344, was $399
  • Apple Watch Series 5 (40mm, GPS) — $379, was $399
  • Apple Watch Series 5 (44mm, GPS) — $414, was $429

After months of announcing the launch, Apple has finally started and wants to fight the pulse of its smartwatch. Not surprisingly, the watch has received mixed opinions with a new version of Apple’s sophisticated technology. Some called it the best, while others called it “another smartwatch.”

The quality you expect from Apple is light but powerful and also optimized. The watch is not as small as the iPhone 6 and therefore does not differ significantly from other smartwatches. Apple makes sure that it doesn’t look massive, and the most basic version with a little girl doll doesn’t look uncomfortable.

Battery life is believed to be a critical issue for Apple’s long-awaited watch. New cases also show that she is expected to stop at a different pace for 19 hours. The 9to5mac tech blog also states that the battery will not discharge after 4 hours of continued use. The technology giant is expected to continue fighting for software to improve the lives of electric batteries before the shipping date in April. 

How much is a apple watch in Series 5

The Apple Watch Series 5, released in September 2019, is the latest version of the Apple Watch launched five years ago in 2015. The Apple Watch Series five is not very new, and its design is identical to that. In addition to the display, the Series 4 uses an OLED (LTPO) with lower output, which can always be used.

To find the new always active screen, Apple has developed new numbering options that allow you to see the time and its complications without lifting your wrist. The notes are optimized to extend battery life, and the screen is intelligently dimmed thanks to a new low-pulse ambient light sensor.

Always in feature can be permanently or temporarily deactivated for situations like movies and can also provide ongoing training information while using the training app.

The Apple Watch Series five 5 is still available in 40mm and 44mm sizes and uses the same thinner and smaller case as the Series 4. It is even waterproof and supports purchases from previous Apple Pay models. 

Health Tracking Feature

Earlier models of Apple watch still had health monitoring features, and the Apple Watch can track steps, burn calories, climb stairs, heart rate, ECG readings, and more. The Apple Watch 5 series does not offer any new health sensors or health monitoring features.

All models of the Apple Watch 5 series have a black ceramic and a sapphire crystal on the back and a digital touch feedback crown with which the ECG can be transmitted to compatible countries. The inside is an S5 chip that seems to offer similar performance to the S4 Series 4 drive.

Fall detection with an accelerometer and a new generation gyroscope is still available. There is a new emergency call feature for LTE models that will contact the local emergency service when SOS is activated, regardless of where an Apple Watch was purchased.

Compass app on your Apple Watch

With the newly integrated compass function and the compass app, you can see your bearing directly on the wrist. There are also displays for current height, direction, longitude, latitude, and more. The compass functions are included in the map app, and there are compass complications for the dials.

While there is always a display option available, the Apple Watch Series 5 offers an “all-day” battery life of 18 hours and a Series 4 battery life, although this may vary from one to the other.

Apple offers the 5 Series in multiple colors and vibrant materials, including aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, and ceramic. There are Hermès and Nike models with separate straps and dials.

Titan is lighter than stainless steel and, according to Apple, has an “excellent strength-to-weight ratio.” It is available in a natural titanium color and a black color with a jointly shaped coating. The available ceramic option will only be available in white in 2019, and there is a new stainless steel option for Hermès models.

Apple Watch Studio

After this feature I really want to know how much is a apple watch? I really want to buy it. Be cool let’s know more about Apple Watch Studio. For the first time, Apple is giving an Apple Watch Studio that allows customers to buy an Apple Watch with the binding of their choice without restricting purchases to a predefined group.

GPS and GPS LTE models are available. GPS starts at $ 399, and GPS LTE starts at $ 499. Prices vary depending on the case material, watch size, and bracelet selection. Stainless steel models are for $ 699, titanium models for $ 799, and ceramic models for $ 1299.

Apple continues to sell Apple Watch Series 3 at a recently reduced price of $ 199. Apple Watch Series 4 has been discontinued. Let’s know How much is a apple watch in Series 5 and how to buy it?

How to Buy

Apple Watch Series five models can be bought from the Apple Online Store after launch on September 20.

Apple Watch Series 4 prices start at $ 399 for non-LTE models and $ 499 for LTE models. The prices vary depending on the material, quantity, and collection. Here is the answer of “How much is a apple watch” The initial prices for each material case are as follows:

  • 40mm Aluminum Non-LTE – $399
  • 40mm Aluminum LTE – $499
  • 44mm Aluminum Non-LTE – $429
  • 44mm Aluminum LTE – $529
  • 40mm Stainless Steel (LTE only) – $699
  • 44mm Stainless Steel (LTE only) – $749
  • 40mm Titanium (LTE only) – $799
  • 44mm Titanium (LTE only) – $849
  • 40mm Ceramic (LTE only) – $1299
  • 44mm Ceramic (LTE only) – $1349
  • 40mm Nike Non-LTE – $399
  • 40mm Nike LTE – $499
  • 44mm Nike Non-LTE – $429
  • 44mm Nike LTE – $529
  • 40mm Hermès (LTE only) – $1249
  • 44mm Hermès (LTE only) – $1299

Apple Watch Series Five models are accessible in many countries around the world. The prices vary depending on the location.

As of July 2020, Apple will offer an updated Apple Watch Series, five models, at a 15% discount. Visit Apple Store and discover the latest prices for Apple watches in various series.

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