How much protein in an egg


Eggs have become an essential part of our diet. Fortunately, it has many hidden benefits, excluding a rich source of protein. But in this article, we focus on how much protein in an egg includes. Nowadays, the fact not hidden that egg is one of high-quality protein source which naturally found.

Although meat has much amount of protein than the egg, the egg is available in the market at a low cost that is why you can say a good alternative. More critical just like apple cider vinegar, an egg also provides the feeling of fullness.

It was observed that people that take two eggs in breakfast could save 450-500 calories in the whole day with this diet. A regular uncooked egg contains 75 calories per unit that shows how light an egg with high-quality protein and having fewer calories is.

Structure of an Egg

Egg’s inner part consist of two divisions one is the white part, and the other is yolk. Some of the researchers consider that most of the protein found in the white section. But there is no absolute reality in that phenomenon. Because of almost 50% of proteins located in the yolk. But it can be said more calories found in the yolk. Next, we will discuss how much proteins and egg contains usually.

structure of egg

How much protein in an egg

Well, the amount of protein in an egg depends on the size of an egg. A small egg of almost 40 grams contains 5 grams of protein. A healthy egg or a medium egg of 48-50 grams contains 6 grams of protein 3 grams in white part and remaining found in the yolk. A large and jumbo large egg includes 7 and 7.9 grams of protein, respectively weighing 50-70 grams.

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Does Cooking improve the quality of Proteins?

Yes, the cooked egg is more digestible than uncooked egg because in more than two researches it has been observed that almost 90-95% of proteins can consume with a fried egg and from an uncooked egg a person can absorb 50% of protein only.

Comparison of Fried, boiled and raw egg

  • A healthy fried egg contains the same amount of protein, but the amount of calories jumps high around 120 calories per unit due to the usage of oil.
how much protein in an egg
  • A regular raw egg contains the same amount of proteins, and the calories used found in that egg is around 75 calories per unit. But the digestibility of proteins become lesser than a cooked egg.
proteins in egg
  • Approximately 80 calories per unit found in a boiled egg, but the amount of proteins never changes. A boiled egg is the most beneficial type of egg to eat.
how much protein in boiled egg

Some other benefits of Eggs

  • Eggs are beneficial for weight loss due to the number of low calories in an egg with high-quality protein. As discussed above if you take two boiled eggs in the breakfast, then you can save almost 350-400 calories consumption in the latter part of the day due to the feeling of fullness.
lose weight by taking eggs
  • During pregnancy and breastfeeding amount of choline from the egg can help the healthy brain development of the newborn baby.
  • It also contains some essential nutrients to decrease the risk of heart diseases. Recently research has been done on more than a half-million people in China. And it was successful in terms of heart diseases if one egg in a day used primarily in breakfast.
  • The amount of Vitamin-D in the egg also helpful to protect the bones in the body. With the usage of at least one egg a day.

Bottom Line

Including a lot more benefits of using eggs and high-quality protein on thing must be kept in mind. For cholesterol, the patient egg is prohibited more than 4 in a week because these have almost 5 grams of cholesterol in a giant egg which not permitted for high blood pressure and cholesterol patients.

Overall eggs are beneficial for health because it has high-quality protein at a low cost even everyone can afford an egg in a day. An average healthy person needs 56g of proteins in a day, and only two boiled eggs provide 12 grams of protein with the consumption of 160 calories. It means it can help to get rid of belly fat, love handles, and many more.

All in all, Eggs have more benefits than side effects. So, it is a proper diet for young ones, especially. More protein you take and healthier you feel. It is a simple formula for a healthy life.


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