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Today we are trying to know about some ways for how to get premium Spotify for free? In March 2018, Spotify announced that two million people were using tricks and hacks to work at Spotify Premium account with a free. There are several different variants of the Spotify app, like Spotify ++ that allow you to enjoy Spotify Premium account with a free account. There are other tips you can use to get Spotify Premium for free.

The Differentiation Between Spotify Free & Spotify Premium

Spotify App is currently the most famous music streaming service and has two levels: Spotify Free and Spotify Premium. The question is how to get premium Spotify for free? Spotify Premium offers more peculiarities than Spotify Free, but it also needs a $ 9.9910 monthly subscription. However, $ 9.9910 may mean a chance to some users, or the free version limits may be unlimited. They can use Google to “enjoy Spotify Premium account for free” or “get Spotify Premium free” or other phrases.

The following comparison chart shows the six variations between Spotify Premium account and Spotify free. Spotify Free limits forced random mode, ads between tracks, six jumps simultaneously, poor sound quality with 160 kbit / s, no downloads for listening, and no new or favorite songs.

Method 1: Various Email Accounts for Spotify Premium Account Free Trial 30-Days

It is an amazing idea for using free Spotify Premium account. The initial way to use Spotify Premium account for free is to build various email accounts to sign up for a new Spotify account. You can then try a Spotify open 30-day reward plan using the report.

Check this before the end of the 30-day Premium account trial to avoid fatigue. You can create a new email account to make a new Spotify account and continue testing a 30-day Premium account version. If you have a domain and hosting server, you can easily create a group of email accounts like ~

However, after 30 days, you will not be able to keep your beloved songs, albums, or playlists if you use a new account. Such trouble is very frustrating. Spotify can also identify the query that you are still using the same payment data.

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Method 2: Make a Request Your Friend to Join Spotify’s Family Plan

The 2nd way to get Spotify Premium account for free is to join the Spotify family policy paid for by others. In addition to Spotify Premium account for people and students, Spotify also offers a family plan for $ 14.99 a month.

With Family Premium account, you and up to 5 parts of the same family can use your Premium account. If someone has paid Spotify Premium for the family and there are five or fewer people in the organization, you can request that the group owner invite them to join the Spotify family plan.

You do not have to be a real people of the group family, but make sure your account address matches the group owner’s address. You can ask the device partner to send you the address and zip code in advance. If you have an identical address and you are invited, you have Spotify Premium account. Spotify does not verify anything, does not require a service bill, or check the IP address. 

Method 3: Use TutuApp, AppValley or TweakApp to Install Spotify++ on iOS

If you are utilizing an iOS device, you can establish a modified version of Spotify called Spotify ++. You must develop or install TatuApp, TweakApp, AppValley, or Cydia Impactor to install Spotify ++.

Here we tell you how to install Spotify ++ on several of them. Please uninstall the Spotify app from your equipment before connecting Spotify ++. Also, note that all the options in this part can be done quickly without jailbreaking the iOS device.

How to get premium Spotify for free by Using TatuApp to Install Spotify++ and Get Spotify Premium account for Free

Step 1: First open the Safari browser and TatuApp main page.

Step 2: Once the website is open, tap the “Install Now” button and tap “Install” to prove it when prompted. This website also describes how to install TutuApp perfectly. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll also see the tutorial for deceptive business developers.

Step 3: Then, return to the central screen and wait a few moments. After connection, the TutuApp icon will appear on the screen.

Step 4: Tap TutuApp and open it. The “Developer Rejection” dialog box appears when you open TutuApp for the first time. To fix this, you must go to Settings> General> iOS 12 Device Management or Settings> General> Profiles or iOS 11 Device Management and Administration. To do this, follow the tutorial “Non-Developer Company” to use this app. Trust.

Step 5: Open TutuApp immediately and search for Spotify ++, press the download button in the research outcome, and install Spotify ++.

Once Spotify ++ is installed, you can tap Spotify ++ to use all Spotify Premium account features for free.

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Method 4: How to Get Premium Spotify for Free Permanently After a Free Trial

The Spotify Premium account offers many benefits. They like the music of excellent quality, without advertising and unlimited jumps. These are better than free accounts. The best position is that users can download 33 33 tracks for up to 3 of their devices.

What can you do when the free trial ends? Can you keep these benefits? Is there any other way to get Spotify Premium account for free always, paying all the money?

At home or with your friends, you can request to share a premium. Or try other credit card details to start a new test. However, this is not perfect, as it is still not possible to use the Premium account features of Spotify.

The DRmare Spotify app Downloader for Windows / DRmare Spotify Downloader for Mac is a unique solution for Spotify. You can download and manage your songs on Spotify without having to save them.

In this way, you can download all original Premium account tracks at a speed of up to 320 kbps. The output formats include M4A, MP3, AAC, M4B, WAV, FLAC, etc.

Also, ID3 tags, metadata like a year, title, author, artist, and album cover are 100% protected. After that, you can make Spotify Premium account for free. I hope now you know everything about how to get premium Spotify for free finally.

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