How to get rid of bags under eyes


In this article, We will discuss about how to get rid of bags under eyes? Nowadays, the number of people increased. Which are suffering from bags under eyes. Most of these people are searching for how to get rid of bags under eyes. So, don’t worry, you are not a single one.

Now before moving towards the tips and treatments to get rid of bags under eyes. It is essential to know the causes of bags under the eyes. After that, we will discuss the procedures for bags under the eyes.


Causes of bags under eyes are not complex mostly caused by stress and lack of sleep. Regular sleeping hours are 7-9 hours generally. If you try to reduce your sleeping hours to maybe six or even less. Then you can feel bags under eyes. Other causes enlisted below.

  • Over Consumption of Salt
  • Inflammation and swelling
  • Headache
  • Dehydration
  • Aging
  • Lack of sleep
  • Over Crying
  • Stress ( The most Observed)

There is not a single reason for bags under eyes. There are several other causes as well which not included in the list.

Remedies on How to get rid of bags under eyes

It is tough to feel fresh. When your eyes are puffy and tired. Cause may be any either lack of sleep or stress. For that purpose. There are some remedies for the treatment of bags under eyes.

Milky Way

When your eyes are puffed or swelled more than normal swelling. Then you must have to dip cotton into milk. Apply it on your eyelids for almost 15-20 minutes. Because it will provide a noticeable effect on bags under your eyes. Moreover, it gives a cooling effect on your eyes as well.

Cucumber Slices:

Cucumber slices are helpful to get rid of bags under eyes. Because it has noticed that the leading causes of bags under eyes are stress and spending a lot of time towards the sun. Cucumber is an anti-inflammatory agent as everyone knows. That’s why putting two cucumber slices on eyes for 20-25 minutes can be very helpful to get rid of bags under eyes.

Use of Tea Bags

Caffeine in the tea is highly antioxidant. Which helps to boost the flow of blood in the body. Which helps to feel fresh and releases the stress. It is straightforward to apply you have to steep two tea bags for a minimum of 3 minutes. After that, keep it in the refrigerator for almost 15 minutes. It’s ready to use the liquid under eyes for nearly 20 minutes.

Compress with ICE:

If bags under eyes due to stress or inflammation. Then compressing your eyes with ICE box. It provides a cooling effect on your eyes. It is a quick working remedy directly working technique eyes look fresher just after 30 minutes.

Stay Hydrated:

As everyone knows about 60% of the body consists of water. If your body dehydrated due to lack of water usage. You can feel bags under eyes. It researched that sufficient use of water keeps you fresh and more relaxed. It always advised by doctors. When you feel stress or feel bags under eyes take a glass of water can decrease that bags under eyes.

Apply Sunscreen daily

Does not matter the cause of bags under the eyes. But it can be inflammation. You know what, Sunscreens fights against the inflammation make an impact on the face more importantly under the eyes. That can be the cause of puffy eyes. These irritate the whole face. The person looks mentally tired. Therefore, the use of sunscreen decreases the purpose of bags under eyes as well.

Take off your makeup before going to bed

If you have used makeup on your face whole day or evening. Keep in mind that it must be cleared or taken off from your face before going to bed. The reason is that when you sleep makeup under your eyes can spread. It has chemicals which can affect and cause bags under eyes. You know care is better than cure.

Avoid Smoking:

Smoking directly affects the stored vitamin C in your body. Which makes sure your health of the skin. Therefore, it creates disorder in your skin which causes bags under the eyes as well. If you feel bags under the eyes and you are smoking it is injustice from your skin try to avoid regular smoking. I am sure it will help you to get rid of these bags under the eyes.

Final Word:

Now we have to move to the closing section of our article. But you can also have an option for medical procedures. Under eye bags, creams are also available in the market. Please share your experience with these remedies we have discussed. If you got a lot better result from another natural remedy. Please tell others about how to get rid of bags under eyes from this forum.


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