How is sparkling water good for you?


Is sparkling water good for you? Mostly sparkling water is carbonated water. The usual ingredient in soft drinks. The name comes from the fact that it constantly sparkles bubbles inside the glass, due to temperature differences. Sparkling water or carbonated water is just normal water with some Carbon Dioxide. It does have a slightly acidic nature. But is it good for health? Have you ever knew the benefits of sparkling water?

Chemical nature of sparkling water

On chemical terms, carbon dioxide is weak acid. Sparkling water is thus, not harmful at all. It only stays in its acid form until the temperature is very low or the water is under pressure. When we drink sparkling water, it releases all the gas in our stomach. Thus it is back to its normal water form.

Chemical nature of sparkling water

Is sparkling water good for you?

Sparkling water is 99% normal water. Thus, similar to retaining the quality of water, it is hydrating. The carbon dioxide content in it does not affect the hydration properties. It only changes the taste from normal to bitter. Sparkling water can be used for when severely dehydrated. But it should be taken in slowly. Excess drinking can lead to a feeling of bloating and upset stomach. As when the water reaches, the stomach, it gives releases all of the dissolved gas.

Is sparkling water hydrating

Does natural sparkling water exist?

Natural sparkling water exists mostly in volcanic regions. As with high carbon-rich magma activity, the carbon dioxide released. Then it gets dissolved into the underground water and sometimes reaches the earth surface. Places include Apollinaris, where naturally carbonated water is found. Natural magma activity enriches the water with a carbonated ingredient, with other minerals including Silicon and Iron. Other places include Badoit, Gerolsteiner, Ferrarelle, Wattwiller and lot more. Naturally occurring sparkling water can also have a lot of health benefits, aside from curing mineral deficiencies. Thus, if you ask is sparkling water good for you ? Yes, it is.

natural sparkling water

What are some sparkling water benefits?

Sparkling water has a lot of benefits if consumed in the right amounts. As with carbonated nature, aiding digestion. It can cure a lot of other ailments in the body.

Few sparkling water benefits include 

1. Pure hydrating nature.

Sparkling water is less than 1% of carbon dioxide. The rest is pure water. And pure water is hydrating in nature. Thus sparkling water is hydrating. You can drink it in severely dehydrated conditions. Although due to its acidic nature, you might feel it is not suitable for your bones and teeth. Well, that mostly sounds a misconception.

2. Provides 60% of daily minerals

It only has carbon dioxide, if your sparkling water is available commercially. However, if the water naturally obtained from springs. It can contain a lot of minerals. Our body requires a slight mixture of mineral on a strict routine. As to maintain various reactions (minerals act as catalysts to certain organic functions) and other bodily functions. Sparkling water contains minerals ranging from usual silicon, iron, calcium (needed for bones), potassium and sodium. It can provide abundant minerals to the body if drinking daily.

3. Helps with digestion

Our Digestion process mainly involves acid function (fulfilled by dilute Hydrochloric Acid). In the case of indigestion (occurs when acid gets too much diluted). Sparkling water can help restore the acidic environment. As it restores the acidic environment temporarily for digestion to continue. Sparkling water should be consumed in a specific quantity to aid the process.

4. Gives off a fizz feeling

Chilled soft drinks, provides a great fizz sensation when consumed. It provides a great feeling of refreshment. Often known to be good for health in hot days. As this is an added feature from the 1920’s soft drinks, that is still famous today. But if you hate carbohydrates, instead drink a glass of sparkling water. It will give you the same feeling without the sugars and acid regulators.

5. Relief from anxiety

Sparkling water can give you a temporary relief from anxiety. Similar to what alcohol does. While alcohol (which is ethanol mostly) can kill brain cells slightly. If you want to avoid that, you can instead have chilled carbonated water. You can even spice up the drink with a slice of lemon. A spoon of sugar and some ice cubes.

6. Weight loss

Most people don’t believe that the benefits of sparkling water weight loss can be related. But in reality, it improves weight loss routines by a good extent. It comes to use when you end up with a case of severe indigestion. Sparkling water improves digestion by around 30%. It, in turn, reduces your initial fat build-up by 40-50% from the food that remained undigested. Thus helping with less weight gain and boosting weight loss routine.


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