The best chicken pie recipe in the world


Do you know The best chicken pie recipe in the world? Here I have compiled recipes from three central countries of the world. Now it is on your decision that what you want to do for your family.

Chicken pie recipe is not a bad idea for a tasty dinner. Using prepared pies can save you time. This idea may be excellent homemade food for your family. This Chicken Pot Pie making procedure is just the thing for a rich and tasty dinner suggestion.

You can prepare everything in advance and cook before serving. A good idea that saves time is to make a double portion of cake topping and then freeze it when you need food quickly. You can try delicious variations after reaching the basics. It is not exactly a low-fat diet, but it is perfect, it should serve with butter and pea puree.

The best chicken pie recipe in the world

The best chicken pie recipe in the world

Some Chicken Pie Baking Tips for the best chicken pie recipe in the world

  • You can prepare the chicken cake and cook it before serving.
  • Prepare a double portion of coverage and freeze it if you need food quickly.
  • If you think you have a cake, always put a roll of puff pastry in the freezer.
  • Be sure to make small grooves on the top of the cake so that steam comes out during cooking.
  • Use the remaining chicken or cooked chicken to save time.
  • Use seasonal vegetables because they are cheaper and available.
  • Adjust the spice filling to your liking.
  • The wine gives an incredible depth to the taste of the dough. Therefore, if possible, do not leave them out.
The best chicken pie recipe in the world

Cooking instructions for chicken and mushroom meatballs in the United States of America

I have added information and some unique ways to bake chicken pie in the list of mine the best chicken pie recipe in the world.

  1. Preheat oven to 220 ° C
  2. The second thing is to heat the oil and put the butter in a pan and lightly fry the seasoned chicken until it browns. Take the cooked chicken in the pan and set it aside.
  3. Gently fry the leek, celery and mushrooms, but do not fry too much. After that add the minced garlic and cook for another minute.
  4. Add the thyme leaves, wine, chicken broth, cream and brown chicken. Simmer for 25 minutes; The liquid should reduce by approximately half. Combine spinach and peas.
  5. Place the filling in four small cake pans and cover with the dough. Roll up the edges of a fork and make some grooves in the cake so that steam comes out of the baked chicken pie.
  6. Brush the top of the cake with egg yolk and cook for 20 minutes or until the mixture browns.
best chicken pie recipe

The best chicken pot pie recipe in France

There are many ways to prepare a chicken pot pie. The different methods vary in the ingredients and in the technique of baking the best chicken pie recipe in the world. Therefore, you should verify it and choose the one that works best for you.

Chicken pie with many herbs and spices.

Some recipes for this type of cake use different plants such as parsley, oregano and onion. Other cake recipes include garlic powder, pepper and thyme. These optional ingredients give the cake a new flavour that makes it very special. Instead of the excellent natural taste of chicken, the right combination of spices provides the cake with a different feeling.

The mixed vegetables used in the cake.

If you want to make a nutritious chicken cake, you can add different plants such as carrots, peas and potatoes. You can buy your favourite brand of canned vegetables that contain peas, corn and carrots at the supermarket.

Drain the water before mixing it with other ingredients. As for potatoes, cut a whole piece into cubes and combine them with other vegetables.

Add in milk or cream of mushroom

Unusual chicken pie ingredients use milk or mushroom soup. These ingredients give the cake a more luxurious texture and flavour. You can add them to your cake if you want the dish to be more delicious. When applying milk, be sure to have the heat low. This prevents the fluid from burning. Also, the reduced heat allows the aroma to mix well with the other ingredients.

A Tasty and Authentic Chicken Pot Pie Recipe in Canada – Instructions

To start this chicken pie recipe, you must first preheat the oven to 225° C.

Then mix chicken, peas, carrots and celery in a saucepan. Cover with water and cook for 15 minutes. Then remove from the stove. You want to drain it and then keep it.

Cook the onions in butter in a saucepan over medium heat until they are translucent. Add the flour, celery seeds, salt and pepper. Then slowly mix the milk and chicken broth in the mixture and cook until it thickens over medium heat. Remove them from the stove, and then set them aside.

Put the chicken under the cake and pour this liquid mixture. Cover it with another layer, seal the edges and cut off the excess dough. Usually, I make some cracks at the top so that steam can escape.

Cook for 35 minutes. Be sure to look at it while cooking, since you don’t want it to shoot. Check only when the mixture is golden brown, and the filling is bubbling. Then I turn off the stove and let the cake cool for ten minutes before serving. I like to help empanadas with a fresh and homemade salad.

Chicken pie recipe

Chicken pie is a beautiful gift for anyone looking for a healthy and tasty snack or dessert. The great aroma and flavour of the cake are attractive to adults and children. That is why  choose this topic to give some information you about the best chicken pie recipe in the world.

Also, you can give the cake a unique flavor. Add the ingredients suggested in this article. Mix spices, herbs and spices carefully to get a good taste. With the ease of preparing this recipe, you want it to be part of your weekly menu.

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