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One of the most prominent things about Minecraft is the capacity to build something you own. And how can you show off your average style better than making a Minecraft house? While houses can range from simple to detailed and can be designed on almost any theme, you can dream up. In this guide, we will share some Minecraft house ideas.

If you are not familiar with modern architecture, these types of houses should have simple, straight lines. They stay away from bulky decorations and style and often have large glass windows. The overall impression should be clean, neat and orderly.

If you wanted to build your own modern Minecraft house, but don’t know where to start, we’ve assembled a team of 10 modern Minecraft house designs that we believe reflect the contemporary style. I hope they serve as inspiration for current home.

Simple Survival Home

If you don’t want to sleep under a tree, what’s really scary and what’s raining? So it’s a simple safe you know when you’re in a rush to have a roof over your head. So the house here is terrific, and the brown colours are also fantastic. Because it is a simple building, it doesn’t have many details or anything, but it’s perfect for living.

Small Survival Victorian House

Don’t you like Victorian houses? Look how beautiful and beautiful it is. The grey and brown colours work very well together, and there is also a small balcony where you can have coffee in the morning and recharge the batteries. Don’t you relax? If you wanted to like the idea of ​​a Victorian survival house, we will build it.

Castle – Minecraft House Ideas

Forts are fantastic to make in Minecraft. Why? Who does not want to live in her castle! Villas are generally comfortable with making because they use simple materials such as stone and wood that are easily accessible. Castles can vary from a small citadel with many towers attached to a large wall.

There are many things you can add: a wooden painting, a fountain of lava with bridges, springs, statues, gardens, etc. Bonus: walls and channels keep people away from your base! With each crowd that arrives, you can shoot the walls with a bow from above.

I recommend that you start small and add more if you need more space. I often begin building a magnificent castle! You can get bored with Minecraft if you complicate your project.


In Minecraft house ideas Building a Mansion for you in it can be fun! Design your bedroom, storage space, hallways, wide staircases and more. You can go further and build an elegant fence around your property and build a beautiful garden or fountain in front of your home. For more inspiration, you can easily use Google real estate examples to develop your building later. 


Create a collection of similar-style buildings and connect them to the streets to create a city. For added protection, consider building walls to protect yourself from vines and other magicians.

Some of the architectural styles to consider are medieval stone and wood, Asian pagodas or themed sandwiches. If you are looking for cool things to build in Minecraft, a city can take over because there are so many buildings to add.

Modern City

A modern city with skyscrapers, cobbled streets, lampposts, parks, and sidewalks is a great project, but it may be worth it if you have plenty of time to build. There are many repetitive structures (for example, adding multiple floors to the same skyscraper), so surviving Minecraft may not be the best.

In Minecraft house ideas this type of creation is more straightforward in creative mode or using server plugins like WorldEdit. Otherwise, you can still do it in a safe way with a group of friends.


Everyone needs a Minecraft farm to grow food and goods. You can build a simple farm with essentials like trees and wheat, or a fantastic outdoor farm with a windmill and barn. Another option would be an indoor or underground farm, but it would be more work. A good idea in construction is to produce a glass greenhouse that uses natural light to grow.


Gardens fit perfectly in almost any building: a city, the facade of your home or even alone. Use flowers, trees, dirt roads, embankments, and water. The springs are an excellent centre for gardens.


Fountains can be simple or large and complex. They make the right decoration for gardens, castle terraces or even indoors. Use “steps” to run the water and bring a stone or glass to the sea. Glowstone reflects your fountain at night.

Underground City

Find a tremendous underground gorge or make a big hole with TnT, then build an underground city. Place the windows on the wall, fix the screws and add columns of water or lava. It can take a batch of work, particularly if you have to dig a more substantial area into growing farms or trees.


Pyramids are generally built of sandstone or sand in the desert biomes. They are the perfect place to install a headlight and can also be transformed into other biomes using a variety of materials. You Should to keep an Egyptian theme in Minecraft house ideas, and decorate the exterior with pools, columns, and a sphinx.


The arches can be used as an excellent entrance to a city, base, or other building. They are fun to build and can be made from simple materials like stone or more luxurious materials like diamond or gold. They can be an essential and impressive monument or a small door somewhere.


Create a building decorated with shelves, wood, red carpet and stained glass or even a room next to its base and make it your attractive place. For more pleasure, use the pistons to hide specific passages behind the shelves. Take a look at our library and inspiration projects for more ideas.


There are many beautiful churches and cathedrals around the world, and building one in Minecraft can be a significant challenge, especially in terms of salvation. However, you can keep a project busy and fun. For inspiration, you can find a photo of a famous cathedral online for reference during construction. Don’t forget the windows!

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