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This Article is about top 10 things to do in Charleston SC. It offers a variety of attractions and entertainment for people of all ages and interests. Explore some of the best and popular things to do in Charleston SC area and plan your next week today.

The historic beauty and vibrant city life make Charleston, South Carolina, an exceptional place to visit. Charleston combines old-fashioned beauty with youthful enthusiasm. Historic Charleston is steeped in history.

From the start of the civil war at Fort Sumter to the many historic houses and plantations in the south, Charleston has become a mecca for historians. With so much to do in Charleston, it’s hard to minimize it. However, for me, there are things that stand out from the rest.

Things to Do In Charleston SC (South Carolina)

Waterfront Park

The first place which came in my mind to discuss in my list of things to do in Charleston SC is Waterfor nt Park. This 12-acre park spans a thousand feet. The view is ideal for great moments of relaxation, and you will also find old benches and double swings overlooking the water.

Magnolia Plantation and Gardens

Have you ever seen a beautiful big garden all year round? Otherwise, Magnolia Plantation and Gardens is a place to visit. It is the oldest public garden in the United States and opened to visitors in 1870. It also has one of the largest romantic gardens in the world and will be the ideal setting for a romantic picnic.

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Middleton Place Plantation

The beauty of Charleston South Carolina is reflected in the beauty of its plantations, and the south has many plantations to offer. Middleton Place Plantation is also one of the oldest landscaped gardens in the United States. It has developed from covered galleries, swimming pools, descending terraces, and even the floor, and there are many elegant displays.

USS Yorktown and Patriots Point

The USS Yorktown is located at Patriots Point, opposite the Charleston Harbor, where it can be reached. The large ship was the tenth aircraft carrier to serve in the United States Navy. The United States received excerpts from the presidential unit, five-star wars for service in Vietnam, and eleven stars in combat for service during World War II. This special ship was also selected to save the Apollo 8 astronauts and was also used in the first 1944 film “The Woman Who Fights.”

Boone Hall Plantation

Boone Hall Plantation has got the place three in the list of things to do in Charleston SC. This plant covers three-quarters of a mile and is well known for its mossy oak trees and the preservation of the original slave huts. It started in 1681 and is one of the oldest plantations in the United States. Despite their age, the trees are beautiful in the photos and were planted in 1743 by Commander John Boone’s son. It is a sight to behold, and the market is full of plant products.

Old Slave Mart Museum

This museum presents the stories of history, a dedicated space inside the building where the slave auction was held before the civil war. The center of attraction is the Old Exchange and the Provost Dungeon, where the pirates are locked up.

Drayton Hall

Drayton Hall is the oldest and most unlimited home plantation in the United States and is still open to the public. The attractive aspect of this room is the fact that everything has been kept intact to give a good view of the past. It is one of the best and amazing salons that survives the entire civil war. It contains one of the oldest African American cemeteries from 1790 still in use.

Fort Sumter National Monument

The American civil war started here; April 12, 1861. The remains are well preserved, and the park wardens tell how they shaped the story.

Ravenel Bridge

The Arthur Ravenel Jr. name, which spans the Cooper River and connects Mount Pleasant to downtown Charleston, has become a landmark after its completion in 2005. The design and capacity of the bridge are enough to surprise you, except which is good design.

Charleston, South Carolina, offers a variety of attractions and entertainment for people of all ages and interests. Explore some of the most beautiful and popular attractions in the Charleston area and plan your next week today.

Some more Things to Do in Charleston SC (South Carolina)


Charleston, South Carolina, is home to two very popular beaches on the Carolina coast. Folly Beach and Isle of Palms offer beautiful views and unique settings. Whether you want to spend the day in the sun or participate in outdoor activities, these beaches are made for you!

Folly Beach tends to appeal to a younger college crowd, while Isle of Palms draws guests on family vacations. It is worth traveling the same beaches to discover unique things that make them unique. If you choose Isla de las Palmas, be sure to visit Windjammer to watch a fantastic volleyball game and enjoy live music.


Charleston, South Carolina, is known for its beautiful gardens that tell the story of Charleston. They offer a special look at the past by visiting their lands and going back in time to learn more about colonial life in the south.

Numerous plantations are regularly open to the public so that visitors can learn about Charleston’s rich history. Plantations open to the public include the Boone Hall Plantation and Gardens, the Charleston Tea Plantation, the Magnolia Plantation and Gardens, and Middleton Place. Discover the daily activities of a plantation and explore the beautiful landscape of local plantations.


If you like shopping, Charleston is the place for you. Downtown Charleston offers local stores and designer stores where customers can shop by the hour. From clothing stores to bookstores, from art galleries to jewelry, there is room for shoppers of all interests!

Tanger Outlets is located within walking distance of downtown Charleston. Tanger Outlet Mall is located in North Charleston and has many wonderful hotels in the area. It’s a great place to avoid parking fees for hotels in the city and has a great store just around the corner.

Historic Downtown

Historic Downtownis full of rich history and beautiful architecture. There are many tours available for the local community and guests. Whether you’re looking for a romantic carriage ride, tour, or bus trip, Charleston tours are available for all ages and interests.

There are also several themed tours of the historic center, including the pirate tour, the prison tour, the ghost tour, and more! After a city tour, guests will want to explore Charleston’s restaurants and nightlife. Fresh local cuisine is delicious, and many bars and clubs offer live music and entertainment. That’s why I can not stop my self to add Historic Downtown in my list of best things to do in Charleston SC. I hope you have enjoyed, have a nice trip.

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