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Today we are trying to find some cheapest place to live in Florida. But why in Florida, let’s start to know. If you ask a foreigner from the United States, you know that they probably know at least three states: New York, California, and Florida. New York is the Big Apple, and California is the Apple Company. Why is Florida so famous?

Great weather and Disney, of course, you can also spend an afternoon exploring the Everglades and spend the night in one of the best clubs in Miami. Who does not want to live in the sun? A place where summer is the highest and you have a theme park where magic lives all year. It all reminds you of summer vacation in elementary school.

No wonder Florida is known as a retirement state. Everyone knows that Florida has something special. So why not spend your retirement in a beautiful place? But Florida doesn’t just have the weather, the beaches, and Disney World. It also has excellent advantages, including its practicality. Florida is cheap. The southern state has it all and will not leave you.

What are cheapest place to live in Florida? Can you live near the beach without paying significant rent? You will survive the swamps. The answer: no. Wondering which cities to cut – keep reading.

Cheapest place to live in Florida

Fort Meade

Fort Meade comes first in our list of cheapest place to live in Florida. Fort Meade is located in central Florida, east of Tampa, and is the least expensive city in the Sunshine State for 2020.

This small town in Polk County has approved our HomeSnack rating 8.5 / 10 for convenience. This first place would not have been possible without the cheapest city blue ribbon in terms of value for money. And this would not be possible without essential jobs and a strong economy.

During the trip, Fort Meade would have been popular with canoeists, canisters, and enthusiasts. We believe these activities are a great way to relax after a long day at work to offset the low cost of living at Fort Meade.

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Live Oak

Where Alligator HWY 90 meets Alligator HWY 129, Live Oak is our second lowest city in Florida for 2020, Live Oak. Agriculture, lumber, and technology in North Florida fueled the economy of this small town in Suwannee County.

The median income here is $ 39,827, and the median asset price is around $ 88,700. Therefore, it is not surprising that Live Oak has lowered our ranking in terms of stability. They are the sixth cheapest city in terms of price/accommodation. Opportunity = happiness. We understand why the motto of your city is “A loving community.”

The median household income at Live Oak is $ 39,827, and the median family value is $ 88,700 in 2020. The unemployment rate is 12.3%.


Quincy was a former tobacco production center and received 7/10 for convenience and 9/10 for diversity. We believe that Quincy is genuinely modern. And therefore practical. More importantly, this small town in Gadsden County is our third lowest city in Florida for 2020.

Coca Cola has also enriched many Quincy residents. Do we think it has to do with why the city is so big and convenient? However, Quincy, you are very likely in the middle of Florida’s future. So it will not fair if we will not add it in out discussion about cheapest place to live in Florida

The average family income in Quincy is $ 35,509, and the median home value is $ 91,900 in 2020. The unemployment rate is 6.0%.


Macclenny, Florida, is an ideal destination to explore the friendly big city atmosphere. This is, without a doubt, one of the reasons why it is our fourth-largest city in Florida for 2020. This city, called “Babymaker,” should be practical, right?

All baby-making aside, this little city in Baker County is a great place to live. And while you’re deciding what home to buy, Macclenny has great deals when it comes to renting. They are the ninth cheapest place to rent based on income to rent ratio. So pack up the family camper and get-a-movie’, because Macclenny’s great deals won’t last long.

The median household income in Macclenny comes in at $49,458, and the median home value is $122,800 for 2020. The unemployment rate sits at 6.1%.

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Bartow is located a stone’s throw from Lake Hancock, just East of Tampa. The “City of Oaks and Azaleas” is our fifth most affordable in citrus-land. Bartow’s overall snack ability score was strong enough to keep them in the top five for 2020. Not surprising considering they are ninth most affordable in terms of home price to income. They scored an overall 8/10 for affordability.

Bartow must be something right in terms of affordability. The city is projected to double by 2030. The median household income in Bartow comes in at $46,850, and the median home value is $121,600 for 2020. The unemployment rate sits at 5.7%.


Florida may have the tenth highest rent prices in America, but you wouldn’t know it is living in Clewiston. The median rent in Clewiston is $728, which is less than half the statewide average. You can use your extra cash to go on a safari in the Everglades, or save the money and just chill on Lake Okeechobee.

Buying is slightly less attractive in Clewiston, where the median home price is $109,900. With residents earning a median income of $40,634, Clewiston has the 2lowest home price to income ratio in the state.

The median household income in Clewiston comes in at $40,634, and the median home value is $109,900 for 2020. The unemployment rate sits at 13.0%.


The final place of our list of cheapest place to live in Florida is Okeechobee.  The only affordable southern Florida city that made our top ten list is Okeechobee. This little city in Okeechobee County rounds out our list as the seventh most affordable city in Florida for 2020.

Okeechobee crushed our job snackability scale. This city has great job opportunities with manufacturing positions, healthcare workers, and agricultural positions up for grabs right now. Heck, something has to keep that household median income up to around $40,112/year. And if you’re looking to pad your wallet with a little extra cheddar, we suggest gator trainer. A biologist has counted close to 1,000 gators in Lake Okeechobee alone. The median household income in Okeechobee comes in at $40,112, and the median home value is $109,200 for 2020. The unemployment rate sits at 3.9%.

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