What side is your appendix on


In this article, we will know about what side is your appendix on. Many organs in the human body considered as useless but not these are useless. The appendix is one of that was deemed to be unnecessary ten years before. Because no one was able to find the functioning of it. But from 2009, many researchers believe that is stores good bacteria to save the body from infections in the human body. Before moving to more discussion. You need to know what side is your appendix.

What Side is your Appendix on

An appendix is a tubed shape pouch found in the lower part of abdomen mostly at the right side. Similar to the heart, there is a rare case that people have their appendix on the left side as the heart on the right side. Many of People lose their appendix during surgery lives still better without an appendix. That is why it was the misconception that appendix is useless.

What Side is your Appendix on

It observed that the people who lose their appendix much more have cases of infection and overgrowth. It helps the human body from germs and stores good bacteria which are called gut flora.

Know about Appendicitis

As discussed earlier appendix is pouch shaped tube which interconnected with the large intestine. Inflammation of Appendix is a disease condition called appendicitis. It can be a life-threatening disease if it not cured on time.

This kind of disorder has been observed mostly in 10-30 years of age people. There we will discuss some primary symptoms later. But once you feel appendicitis than you have 24-72 Hours to diagnose because it can burst in that duration and it can leads to death as well.


Appendix organ can be removed from the body with surgery because a human body can generally work without appendix as discussed above. Now Let’s Move forward to address symptoms of appendicitis in more details.

Symptoms of Appendicitis

The pain usually starts from the middle of the abdomen while appendix located in the lower right side of the stomach. Here are some more signs enlisted below.

symptoms of appendicitis

Loss of Appetite

Loss of Appetite can define as decrement of the desire of food. Its Medical name often called anorexia. It also leads to weight loss and body weakness, as well. It directly caused by body infection, which is the symptoms of appendicitis.


Vomiting or food poising also included in main symptoms of appendicitis. After the meal, it can be expelled out from the abdomen.

Sudden Pain in Right Side of Abdomen

Sudden pain in the right side of the abdomen at the lower part is again a symptom of appendicitis. If you feel that abdomen pain for a short time. Then you can ignore because appendicitis pain increases with time. In case of the severe pain, it is necessary to consult with a doctor.

Abdominal Bloating

When someone eats more than a man can digest than a person can belly feels swollen. This kind of condition is abdominal bloating. An excessive amount of food produces more gas in the abdominal. That can be a symptom of appendicitis.

Slight Fever

A slight fever can also lead to appendicitis with pain in lower right abdomen. Mild Fever with abdominal pain you need to consult with a doctor. Appendicitis (A body disorder) can also lead to death.

Recovery from Appendicitis Surgery

A typical recovery process of appendicitis disease is 24-72 Hours after the removal of the appendix from the human body after surgical operation. This duration can be critical sometimes to observe the health condition.

About 3-5 days after that, some diet plan must be followed during that period to lessen the pain. 3-5 Bed rest can also be prescribed by the doctor who is general, but for severe cases, it can be 2 weeks as well.

Final Conclusion

We discussed a lot about the appendix and appendicitis in this article. The appendix is not a necessary organ for the life of the human body. But I count in the human body to store good bacteria and save the body from infections. We discussed the symptoms as well, but these are not enough. If you have any problem of appendix. A physician must consult it. If appendicitis diagnosed, then surgery is the only solution to this case. Because appendix can be burst in the human body and can leads to death in many cases.

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